Kensington SD2000P USB-C Nano Dock: Single 4k Display

If you just want something simple that's easy to connect to a Windows/Mac/Chrome laptop for external monitor the SD2000P Nano dock is worthy choice for single 4k output. The SD2000P features USB-C connectivity, 4k video output with 60W of power delivery and rolls it into a more compact form...

Top 5 Computer Parts: Gifts your Resident Geek will love

We've all got one, we all need one, your resident computer geek. We live in the age of technological innovation so we're all geeks at heart really. Next time your computer is on the fritz, infected by a virus, need to immediately know why the printer won't connect to...



LEGOLAND Discovery Center Review

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Review

The LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Westchester NY is a nice day of Lego themed fun for the whole family. Filled with activities, play areas, 4D movie experience, and even LEGO Master Builder Academy that...
Thomas Land Amusement Park, a fun Trip worth taking

Thomas Land Amusement Park, a fun Trip worth taking

Thomas Land features a very cute Thomas & Friends themed amusement park that makes for a fun family trip. It's located within the Edaville amusement park complex which includes lots to do. It was...
Kmart Rise Challenge is a Slam Dunk!

Kmart Rise Challenge is a Slam Dunk

To promote the launch of the new line of Risewear kicks and athletic line, Kmart and the nation’s top 4 dunkers put on a heck of a fun show this past Saturday to compete for the right to brand their own signature capsule collection with Risewear.