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Posture Stand Review: Adjustable Multipurpose Desk

The Posture Stand is an adjustable stand that you can convert into a portable desk for up to a 17″ laptop. This versatile piece of furniture features Aluminum and Zinc construction for a solid stable and long lasting build. It can be used throughout your home. Use it as a standing desk, tablet/phone stand, book stand, bed tray table for a little breakfast in bed.

Posture Stand Review: Adjustable Multipurpose DeskThe desk area is flat and features a lip at the hinge point so that you can angle the desk platform up and use it as a reading stand or tablet/phone stand, desk riser or whatever. It can however be slightly cumbersome to adjust frequently. The desk/stand platform area is approx 75% cut with a hole pattern so your laptop can still breathe while it’s on there.

The area between the legs measures approx 21.25″ so there’s enough room to sit with your legs under it too. Depth of the flat area is a out 9.5 inches so if your laptop is deeper it might just hang off the end a little.

Posture Stand Review: Adjustable Multipurpose DeskIt’s designed to be versatile yet strong. The Posture Stand consists of 3 leg segments and the table area. Each of the joints connecting the 4 sections can be adjusted independently in 15 degree increments up to 360 degrees. This gives you plenty of angles to adjust to get the right height.

Posture Stand Review: Adjustable Multipurpose DeskSpecs

The Posture Stand’s desktop area measures 17.75″ X 9.5″ or 45cm x 24cm. It weighs 5.5 lbs and can be raised a total of 22 inches or 56 cm. It is suggested by the company that the Posture Stand can handle up to a 17 inch laptop. You should be aware that if you do have a 17″ laptop, many exceed 9.5 inches in depth so it may hang off the end a little.

The joints are constructed of zinc alloy and aluminum components. They lock by swiveling the lever off alignment with the segment it is controlling. The polished joints are marked with the degree increment dial. The levers are made of metal and are flat so they do not protrude very much from the legs width wise.

Posture Stand Review: Adjustable Multipurpose Desk
Adjusts to Kids chair size

Our Experience with the Posture Stand

Once the Posture Stand is locked into an angle it’s very sturdy and secure. While the Posture Stand is extremely versatile, it can be somewhat cumbersome to configure. Adjusting the desk can take a few minutes each time you do it. The Posture Stand is not categorized as a standing adjustable desk so the convenience of quickly changing the configuration isn’t there.

Posture Stand Review: Adjustable Multipurpose Desk
Ring lever locks all segments in 15 degree increments 360 degrees

The angle locks are in increments of 15 degrees so it’s easy to unevenly configure the legs. Do not try to adjust the Posture Stand with anything on it. Once you change the setup, make sure all joints are locked and the table is evenly raised before placing anything of worth on it.

You should be aware that it IS possible to adjust the desk such that it isn’t stable could tip over; The only safeguard being your common sense so you’ll just need to put a half second more of thought into it. Ensure your setup is balanced when you are adjusting the stand for a different purpose and test it out first.

Handsome Healthcare Corporation has provided the Posture Stand to us so that we could provide first hand review coverage of the product and quality along with our experience to our readers.

Posture Stand Review: Adjustable Multipurpose DeskThe locks on each joint that adjust the angle work well, they are relatively easy to move and do a good job locking the angles. They can however be ever so slightly difficult as they are flat and metal. If not fully seated back to the centered position, the locks will protrude and can dent or scratch or bump you.

When the Posture Stand is fully collapsed the locking levers are hidden between the legs. So if you want to change the setupĀ  it is necessary to unfold the entire 3 leg sections to adjust it.

Posture Stand Review: Adjustable Multipurpose Desk
Mousepad stand attachment bracket

Mousepad Stand

The Posture Stand includes a detachable mousepad stand that you can install onto one of the legs. It’s worth noting that the table is not fully collapsible with the mousepad stand attached.

It measures approximately 6.625″ x 8 1/8″ but with the rounded bevel, the usable area becomes more like 5.125″ x 6″. The mousepad stand isn’t huge but does include enough room for a full size mouse and room to track. While the entire Posture Stand is made of metal, the mousepad attachment is fully plastic except the receiving nut.

The mousepad attached with a handle-mounted screw located on the attached bracket. You’ll need to unscrew it, slide out the widget, stretch open the plastic rectangle and wrap it around one of the leg segments and put it back together.

You should be aware that the nut that receives the tightening screw is not glued or wedged in. When you remove the tightening screw the nut can fall out.

Posture Stand Review: Adjustable Multipurpose Desk
Adjusts to Kids chair size

Wrap Up

The Posture Stand is a versatile multipurpose adjustable desk or stand that you can use for virtually anything from office ergonomics, laptop/phone/tablet stand, reading stand, impromptu tabletop podium to breakfast in bed. Recommended for versatility, portability and solid build quality. Available in Black, White, Red

Posture Stand $74.99

The Posture Stand is an adjustable stand or desk that you can use for a multitude of things around the home. You can adjust the segments in lots of different ways to suit your purpose. Use it as a standing desk, tablet/phone tabletop stand, kids snack table, breakfast tray, portable laptop stand, music easel, tabletop podium. Made of Aluminum and Zinc the Posture Stand is sturdy and looks great in any space. Extremely versatile but can be slightly cumbersome for frequent adjustments. Overall great little tabletop/stand to have around the home.


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