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Blueair Classic 605 HEPASilent Air Purifier Review

If you have a larger living space, those little bedroom air purifiers won’t cut it. Sure they save you money up front but will only force you to run it full blast and purchase replacement filters faster. The new Classic 605 from Blueair features HEPASilent technology and is able to easily handle rooms up to 775 sq feet in size and is able to run virtually silent!

During the winter months many of us do not like to open windows, after all it’s freezing out! For small children and elderly folks the presence of an air filtration system can make all the difference in quality of life in your home. If you suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory issues the Blueair is an excellent option for you to improve the quality of air in your home and ultimately your quality of life.

Blueair Classic 605 HEPASilent Air Purifier Review
Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier

The new Classic 605 is designed a lot like a computer tower but a bit larger than your home computer rig. The minimalist design is clean and the unit is plug-and-play. The standard Particle Filters come pre-installed so just unwrap the Classic 605 and plug it in. If you have severe allergies or highly polluted air, it’s beneficial to go for the more expensive SmokeStop Filters that are designed for heavy gaseous airborne pollutants. Both the Particle Filters and SmokeStop Filters come in triple-packs.

Blueair Classic 605 HEPASilent Air Purifier Review
Blueair Classic 605 Particle Filters

Who does it benefit?

Everyone can really benefit from cleaner air, at least while you’re indoors but can be very helpful for someone that suffers from Allergies, Asthma, Dust, Mites etc. It can also be incredibly beneficial for an office setting, many offices have loads of excessive dust combined with an ultra-dry environment.

In our household we have one adult that is sensitive to the airborne pollutants. The Blueair unit is able to relieve her of sneezing and throat clearing symptomatic of dust and other airborne particles. We also have small toddlers at home that have also improved their breathing and we’ve noticed that their sinuses have also cleared up a bit from running the unit.

Adding in the Aware air monitor provides some helpful information like PM2.5 Particulate Matter, Total VOC levels as well as Carbon Dioxide (not Carbon Monoxide) levels in the room.

Blueair Classic 605 HEPASilent Air Purifier Review
Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier top view

Blueair Classic 605 Specs

The first thing you’ll notice is this thing is fairly large. The 605 air purifier measures 26″ x 20″ x 13″ and weighs 35 lbs. Since most of the box is about air flow and purification all the mechanics inside are lightweight and when you pick up the unit you’ll notice it’s not that heavy thankfully. For convenience the unit rolls on castors which is a huge plus for unit of this size.

Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier
Blueair Classic 605 Non-Locking Castors

It’s recommended to position your unit approx 4 inches + away from any objects or walls to maximize airflow. The castors make it easy to use in any room and we’re able to roll it out into the center of the room and roll it back when we return. The remote and automatic functions make it easy to use the Classic unattended.

Blueair Classic 605 HEPASilent Air Purifier Review
Blueair Classic 605 top view inside

Clean Air Delivery Rate or CADR is measured at Smoke 850m3 per hour (500 cfm) , 850m3 per hour (500 cfm) and 1087m3 per hour (640 cfm). The unit is able to achieve 5 full air changes per hour in up to a 775 sq ft room.

The Blueair air purifiers comes locked and loaded for instant plug and play action. The 605 uses 3 heavy duty air filters to clean the air, roughly about the size of an encyclopedia book each and they’re fairly heavy. The 605 uses HEPASilent technology which incorporates both an electrostatic particle-charging chamber and mechanical filtration system.

Blueair Classic 605 HEPASilent Air Purifier Review
Blueair Classic 605 onboard Controls

Operation & Performance

Your mind may expect some drafts but the Classic 605 has multiple large inlets on the bottom, back and sides as well as ample outlet areas on the top and sides of the unit with which provides balanced air dispersion so you don’t feel like you’re standing in front of a fan.

Blueair’s new Classic 605 performs exceptionally

While the technology inside driving the unit is a bit complex, using the air filter system isn’t at all. Operating the Classic 605 is as simple as it gets featuring a WiFi button that allows you to hook up to the app and a 3 stage touch sensitive button hidden underneath a hinged cover on the top edge. There’s also a Filter Replacement Indicator that lights up amber when it’s time to change them out. The three replacement filters are bundled together and are rated to last 6 months when the Blueair Classic Air Filter unit is run 24/7.


Setting up the WiFi configuration was problematic trying to log into the network automatically. Instead for both the Classic 605 and the Aware Air Monitor, we were forced to first connect to the respective device itself via the mobile app and from there we were able to successfully connect to our WiFi network. A small inconvenience that added about 5-10 min to the Wi-Fi connectivity process. Wasn’t a huge deal but worth mentioning.

Volume Levels

The sound levels are rated at 32 – 44 – 62 dB (A) for Low, Medium, High respectively. The Classic 605 is indeed whisper quiet at it’s lowest setting. The dispersion of air is balanced but the decibels can be noticeable at medium and fairly loud at it’s highest setting. Running the unit at low 24/7 is quite feasible, but we recommend running the unit on automatic when possible. The remote app makes it easy to adjust the fan speed while you’re out of the house. At the highest setting the 605 can sound like a hurricane. You probably want to use this setting when you are not at home to recycle the air in a more rapid fashion.

Blueair Aware Air Monitor device
Blueair Aware Air Monitor device

Aware Air Monitor & App Functionality

The Aware Air device includes sensors that measure the PM2.5 (Particulate Matter), Total VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), Carbon Dioxide, Temperature and Humidity levels of the air in your home. The Aware provides real time air quality sensing for you to judge or allow the Classic 605 to adjust for you on the fly. You can also track data over time which can come in handy investigating events that may have affected the air quality.

Operating the Blueair Aware & Friend App
Operating the Blueair Aware Air Monitor & Friend App

The Blueair “Friend App” is very simple to use. It will allow you to remotely control the device or enter into automatic mode. You can control the Fan Speed, Turn it On/Off, Set a scheduler, Adjust LED brightness or turn off the LED all together as well as the all important Child lock.

In addition to the indoor levels, the Friend App can also provides you with local outdoor air quality readings via the many air quality monitors positioned everywhere across the country and abroad. These outdoor level readings can help keep you informed and assist you in judging how you might carry out your day.

The Aware Air can also send you alerts and allows you to remotely operate the Classic 605. Aside from the additional cost, the Aware does provide some useful functionality as well as automatic operation and can be useful.


The Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier provides the largest coverage area of the Classic line at up to 775 sq ft as well as the highest CADR rating but does not offer any sensors with the unit as some of the more inexpensive models do. Instead Blueair encourages you to link up with the Blueair Aware which will allow you to operate the unit remotely, measure air quality as well as trigger automatic mode functionality allowing the unit to turn on or up/down based on the air quality. The Aware requires another purchase of $199 on top of the hefty $899 for the Classic 605.

Speeds 1 and 2 are very pleasant to use, Speed 3 can sound like a wind tunnel. The max volume is measured at 62 dBA which is unbearably loud for us but may not be for some. You can harm your hearing at 75dB+ according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA. We suggest using the highest setting remotely when you are away from the premises/room.

Blueair Classic 605 HEPASilent Air Purifier ReviewWrap up

The Classic 605 air purifier by Blueair provides powerful to whisper silent operation that can handle up to 5 full air changes in a 775 sq ft room. It’s a relatively pricey solution to cycling air changes in your home but also the best air purifier we’ve ever used in a portable home unit. The new Classic 605 can drastically improve the air quality larger rooms. It’s simple design and effective performance make it a must-have for anyone suffering from allergy, dust or respiratory issues arising from air quality.

Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier $899
Aware Air Monitor (optional) $199
Particle Filter replacement pack $79.95
SmokeStop Filter pack $149.95


The Classic 605 Air Purifier from Blueair is able to handle up to 5x full air changes in 775 sq ft of space. From whisper quiet at it's lowest setting to full speed for faster air changes in larger rooms. No onboard air quality sensors, the unit and filters are pricey but the Blueair Classic 605 is also the best large-size air purifier we've used to date. Performs exceptionally for larger rooms in your home.


Build Quality
Easy to Use
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