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CleanForce Rainbow Air Purifier Review: H13 True HEPA Large Room Filtering Power

CleanForce Rainbow Air Purifier Review

The CleanForce Rainbow air purifier is able to easily do a complete air change of up to a 2550 sq ft room in an hour without sounding like a wind tunnel; That’s 5x air changes for a 510 sq ft room in an hour or 1 complete air change in 12 min! If you’re a heavy allergy sufferer or just like clean living the CleanForce Rainbow is an H13 True HEPA air purifier with triple filtering for maximum filtration.

With the Canadian forest fires going, whether we wanted it or not, we had great conditions to test the strength of this unit. In the local area for about 2 days the air was thick and orange/yellow; NYC was declared to have the worst pollution level in the entire world on those two days. Luckily we had the CleanForce Rainbow H13 HEPA air purifier to help us breath a little easier, at least while we’re indoors. Lets take a closer look at the CleanForce Rainbow.

CleanForce Rainbow Air Purifier Review
CleanForce Rainbow H13 HEPA Air Purifier


The CADR or Clean Air Delivery Rate is measured at 330 ft3/min (550 m3/h) and operates between 34 to 60 dB. The Rainbow air purifier is cylindrical on castors measuring 11.3″ × 11.3″ × 25.5″ and weighs 15.4 lbs. Filter life ranges from 6 – 12 months. 6 months if you run the unit constantly.

Unboxing the CleanForce H13 True HEPA Air Purifier

The Rainbow H13 is WiFi enabled and Alexa compatible for convenience. A Free companion app allows you to control the unit over WiFi and provides you with real time VOC info, manual controls for fan speed, child lock, timer and scheduling. There’s also an automatic setting that lets the Rainbow H13 decide how fast the speed should be set to filter the air.

Rainbow's filter bay door is connected by magnets on top and tilts backwards to open.
Rainbow’s filter bay door is connected by magnets on top and tilts backwards to open.

The Rainbow uses a true H13 HEPA filter. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air and is defined as such by the U.S. Dept. of Energy. What that means is that this filter can remove up to 99.97% of airborne dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and particles of 0.3 microns (µm). Additionally CleanForce lists pet dander, smoke, absorbing smoke, wildfire smoke, cooking odors, pet odors and VOCs.

H13 HEPA Filter
H13 HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter measures 9.6″ H x 10.2″ W x 12.2″ D and one comes already in the filter bay of the unit. Simply remove the filter, unwrap it and replace it; plug the unit in and you’re off and running.

CleanForce has provided us with the Rainbow air purifier so that we could provide first hand review coverage of the air changing performance and our experience with it to our readers.

Rainbow Air Purifier filter pressure plate
Rainbow Air Purifier filter pressure plate


Aside from its’ primary functionality, one compelling argument for the Rainbow air purifier is the certifications it carrys with it: ETL listed, FCC verification, CARB-certified, CA PROP 65 Compliant, RoHS Compliant.

CA PROP 65 Certification – and here we thought literally EVERYTHING had this warning. It’s nice to know that something is free of this albatross of a designation.

CA Prop 65 Compliantdoes not contain substances know to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harmCP65 Report No: 220602538SHA-001
CARB CertifiedCalifornia Air Resources Board certification ensures the air purifier does not produce harmful ozone emissions and compliant with CARB RO No: G-22-434
RoHA Compliantmeets the EU’s environmental standards and does not contain harmful substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium and other hazardous materials. RoHS Report No: UNIB22112906hr-01
ETL&CE Listedtested and certified for safety and compliance with relevant industry standards in North America & Europe respectively. ETL Report No: 220602537SHA-001
CE Report No: UNIA22112908EC-01
FCC Verifiedmeets the electromagnetic interference (EMI) standards set by the FCC, ensuring that it does not interfere with other electronic devices in the environment. FCC IDENTIFIER: 2A7WZ-CP-RAINBOW


Aesthetically the unit is very pleasing, air is drawn in from the bottom half 360 degrees around and exhausted out the top of the unit. It’s very lightweight so anyone can lift it but it lacks any sort of handles or depressions to help you grab it easily. However thankfully it does have castors for convenience.

CleanForce Rainbow H13 HEPA Air Purifier for larger spaces up to 2,550 sqft.
CleanForce Rainbow H13 HEPA Air Purifier for larger spaces up to 2,550 sqft.

The Rainbow H13 air purifier’s control panel is located on the top at the center of the unit. The CleanForce Logo will change color to Blue, Green, Red to indicate the Particulate Matter PM2.5 level.

PM2.50-3536-7576 & above
Air QualityGoodModeratePoor
Light colorBlueGreenRed

Air Change Efficiency

The led display info is located on the side/front of the unit or accessible through the companion app. The HD LED Display shines through the fabric wrapping on the top half. A bit subjective but we thought it was a modern and elegant way to display the info.

The display provides you with info about: Particulate level, child lock, WiFi, Auto/Manual Fan Speed, timer info.

The Rainbow replacement air filter will run you about 80 bucks for a 6 to 12 month stretch depending on how often you run the Rainbow. It’s currently on sale for $69.90 but normal price is $79.90. While this may be a bit pricey, it seems to fall in line with many other multi-layered air purifier filters of this caliber.

The filter consists of 3 layers: a non-woven cloth layer, HEPA filter and an active carbon layer.

“It removes pollutants such as dust, pet dander, smoke, pollen, while also absorbing smoke, wildfire smoke, cooking odors, pet odors and VOCs.”

Purification AreaPurification Time(ACH) Air Changers per hour
510 sqft12 mins5
638 sqft154
850 sqft203
1275 sqft30 mins2
2550 sqft60 mins1

Noise level

34dB on low, 60dB on high. On low setting the Rainbow air purifier is indeed whisper quiet at 34 dB and completely feasible to use in your bedroom or a child’s room. However on high the 60dB is reminiscent of a wind tunnel or small hurricane; you’ll want to use this level only when you need some quick air changes, smoke from cooking, dust suddenly got dispersed, you’re leaving the room for a period of time etc.

Luckily you can schedule your filtering times or just turn it on/off on demand. Monitoring VOC’s and adjusting the fan speed is easy to do remotely with your app. You can also opt to connect to your Alexa account and use some basic voice commands.

CleanForce Rainbow Air Purifier control panel
CleanForce Rainbow H13 HEPA Air Purifier Control panel left to right: child lock, sleep mode, timer, on/off, fan speed, filter reset, wifi.

Our Experience

The Rainbow is indeed very pleasant to use. We did run into some disconnect issues from our home WiFi network. The range and connectivity may vary as electronic interference may prevent a solid connection, just needed to move it slightly closer to the router point. You’ll need to connect to a 2.4Ghz WiFi signal as it does not recognize a 5.2Ghz.

The touch controls on the top of the unit are pleasant to use. A light touch is recognized with a satisfying audible beep that lets you know you’ve changed something.

The filtering performance rivals other air purifiers of the same class. We are impressed with the size, price and performance. The Rainbow air purifier is very efficient and can give you full air changes for large rooms in shorter times.

This means less electricity used as well as less time for you to wait. In a smaller room and it can effortlessly give you constant air changes in short periods of time; so if you’re super sensitive to airborne anything, the Rainbow H13 True HEPA air purifier is certainly worth a consideration.

Canadian wildfire smoke

On the worst day of exposure to the Canadian wildfire smoke here in the NY/NJ area we had the worst air pollution rating in the entire world! The sky was a yellowish, orangy haze with a pungent smell of old smokey fire smell. The air was so smelly it was making its way into the house. It was the perfect opportunity to see how well the Rainbow cleaned out the smell.

We initially ran the unit on high to vacate the smoke smell. It wasn’t long before any smoke smell was gone. We left the room and came back multiple times with different people with positive feedback and verification that the smell was gone. Your mileage may vary of course but for that 1000 sqft room 20 min on high and the unit was set to low for the rest of the afternoon was enough to vacate the smell and keep it out for the duration.

CleanForce Rainbow H13 HEPA Air Purifier CP-Rainbow
CleanForce Rainbow H13 HEPA Air Purifier CP-Rainbow


Ready to run out of the box the CleanForce Rainbow air purifier performs. This unit is efficient and quiet or fast! Triple filtration of the H13 medical grade HEPA filter reduces mites, pollen, mold and the growth of allergens while an active carbon filter absorbs VOCs, pet and cooking odors. The design is elegant, efficient and looks great in your living room. Quickly and efficiently complete air changes for smaller rooms or even large rooms up to 2550 sqft!

CleanForce Rainbow Air Purifier True H13 HEPA $399.00 $369.00


What is a HEPA filter?

Noise Level
Near-Silent operation
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cleanforce-rainbow-air-purifier-reviewThe CleanForce Rainbow is a true H13 HEPA air purifier with triple layer filtering for excellent air filtration. The performance is very good and the price by comparison to other similar units makes this hard to pass up. Near silent operation on low and is able to handle up to a 2,550 sqft. We recommend this unit.