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Trek Verve+ 1 ebike Lowstep LT Commuter

Personal EV’s and eBikes can easily run you into the 10’s of thousands but the reality is that many of us are not going to drop the same amount of cash you might spend on a motorcycle or used car for an ebike or a personal EV. Trek’s Verve+ 1 lowstep LT electric bike gives you the bang for buck without losing the fun. Priced at $2,299.99 the Verve+ 1 makes things much more feasible for the avg person to enjoy an EV without sacrificing your lifestyle.


The Verve +1 comes equipped with a 250W Hyena hub-drive motor with Shimano M315 8-speed shifter, Shimano HG20, 12-32, 8 speed cassette and Shimano Acera M3020-8, 40T max cog rear derailleur. The bike comes preinstalled with luggage rack, fenders, head light and tail light.

The LT in the name stands for lightweight; At 40 lbs the Verve+1 is lighter when compared to your typical ebike at approximately 50lbs.

Typical Bike Weights

To put things into perspective a bit, a lightweight road bike can be anything around or under 15 lbs, lightweight hardtail mountain bikes can avg somewhere between 15-25 lbs, full suspension mtn bikes can be somewhere around 24-38 lbs while typical ebikes weight about 50 lbs or more depending. So 40lbs for an ebike is lighter than most which can be helpful since most ebikes come equipped with disc brakes and it’s not always possible to quick release the front tire for transport.


Travel up to 35 miles with the built-in battery or you can add the optional Range extender battery for up to 70 miles range.

The Verve+ 1 is a class 1 ebike, meaning that it is pedal-assist only and there is no throttle to crank. Pedal-assist by local law will not engage at 20mph+.

Since an ebike is typically heavier than most bikes, Trek includes a Walk assistance button that gives you just a little help when you’re walking your bike; press 1x for 2 seconds or you can hold it down for constant help.

eBikes are personal electric vehicles and it makes sense to have both a headlight and tail light for safety sake.

Wrap Up

Trek’s Verve+ 1 Lowstep LT ebike is a class 1 light duty, lowstep electric bike with pedal assist. The onboard battery gives you up to 35 miles of pedal assist power and the optional and removable range extender battery doubles your range. Available in Galactic Grey, Hyper Red and Baja Yellow.

Trek Verve+ 1 Lowstep LT Model 5294429 $2299.99