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Buying a Bathroom Vanity: a Perigold Shopping Review

What the heck is Perigold? If you haven’t heard about Perigold or wanted to know if it was a good experience, you’ve come to the right place. Is it worth it to shop there? We’ll share with you a quick personal experience buying a bathroom vanity with our Perigold shopping review.

“Perigold is a new kind of luxury showroom.”

Perigold totes themselves as a high-end online furniture store that features curated home goods, furniture, fixtures and even bathroom & kitchen faucets. The variety of styles and available products are vast so you very well may find something here that you didn’t realize even existed.

Perigold shopping review
Perigold.com website

The prices are or can be typically less expensive than other furniture retailers since Perigold has no brick and mortar; they are only online. That said, Perigold is owned by and is a Wayfair company. Uh oh but…

Is Perigold like Wayfair?

You may have your gripes about Wayfair and probably with good reason but Perigold aims to provide higher end home products for the consumer. Does that mean every item in there is gold? (pun intended) No not necessarily as the quality depends on the Brand that manufactures it. But the selection is undoubtedly better. There is a sea of choices to help you with your home improvement goals, and more variety than other retail sites.

“The Perigold Promise – We believe that beautiful things made with intention are always worth it. That’s why we’re dedicated to sourcing the highest-quality furnishings with competitive pricing – so you’ll never overpay and you won’t need to shop around. Once you find your perfect piece, we’ll get it to you, no hassle.”

Perigold offers free shipping on most items over $150 which is always welcome as long as it’s delivered in a timely manner. We also opted to purchase the added 3 year warranty plan for $80 from Allstate insurance which is offered at checkout.

Elegant Lighting Theo 36" Bathroom Vanity in Navy
Theo 36″ Bathroom Vanity in Navy

The Hunt for a Bathroom Vanity

When remodeling your bathroom you always want the best; but things more often than not, end up in a compromise. Typically everything costs more than you initially budgeted for (especially today), so it’s important to stay on target or your project or it will spin out of control quickly.

Looking for a quality made bathroom vanity can be a monumental task if you are looking for something made of real wood and not press board, MDF or other cheap materials. (We should mention that even with fully wooden furniture the doors often times are made of MDF, rubberwood, or other composite material for the sake of the moisture that will expand and contract real wood.)

We set out with a budget of about $500-$600 for a decent bathroom vanity initially. What we quickly found out is a real wood 36″ bathroom vanity at that price is a pipe dream. It just doesn’t exist.

Onward to scour the internet and local custom stores for Bathroom Vanities. Typically for the contemporary style we sought out you’ll be looking at double our initial budget at around $1200 or better. Custom solutions are great but the prices immediately scared us away. Custom shower door prices were even more ridiculous but that’s another story.

Elegant Lighting Theo 36" Bathroom Vanity in Navy
Theo 36″ Bathroom Vanity angle

Our Perigold Shopping Review

Perigold offered a huge variety of selections for any style or taste you have. We were able to find a bathroom vanity of excellent build quality at a digestible price. While other comparable real wood products were approx $1200, we fell in love with the Theo from Elegant Lighting at around $800. The 36″ Theo came with Under-mount sink & Quartz top with gold hardware.

Elegant Lighting makes the Theo in a range of standard widths 24″, 30″, 32″, 36″, 42″, 48″, 60″, 72″. The hardware comes in any color you want, as long as it’s gold. There’s only 4 gold knobs, it’s quick and easy to replace with a brushed nickel look to match our faucet hardware.

UPDATE: due to the supply chain shortages the nickel hardware wasn’t available at the time of this article but periodically will be so keep your eye out if you like this one.


From order to white glove delivery the process was seamless. With supply chain issues there’s only so much blaming you can do to the vendor or retailer so it’s best to find something that is in stock no matter where you decide to purchase it from.

If you’re remodeling then timing is mission critical for your project. Gathering products on time for the contractor can be a disorganized panic trying to get everything to arrive near the same time frame. Our product from order to delivery took 3 days and it was promptly delivered on a Sunday.

Product Quality

The vanity itself was everything the Perigold advertised and we were very pleased with the quality. If you’ve shopped for a car or furniture the process can feel like a rip off that you can’t do anything about but to accept its’ shortcomings. Perigold gave us a better outlook, more choices and best of all hope; Hope that we could find what something we liked in our price range. Your mileage may vary, we are reporting on our particular experience.


The prices did indeed seem to be pretty good and competitive with other sites. Maybe it was the time of year, perhaps it was a coincidence that we ran into pricing issues similar to what Wayfair does; but refreshing the product page numerous times over a period of a few days to a week or so we noticed quite a bit of price juggling going on.

We experienced these same pricing games on Wayfair when looking into patio furniture. One day it would be one price, the next $60 cheaper, the next $100 more etc etc. We can’t condemn Perigold necessarily in this economy but it doesn’t make you feel good to know you paid more than you could have.

Elegant Lighting Theo 36" Bathroom Vanity open
Elegant Lighting Theo 36″ Bathroom Vanity open

Conclusion on Perigold

Sourcing the right products for your new bathroom can be a daunting task. While we cannot account for every product on the site, Perigold offered us multiple solutions for a vanity. The price range was good and the product was better than anything we could find locally.

$780 Elegant Lighting Theo 36″ Bathroom Vanity on sale from $680
Available in Navy, Black, White, Grey

We've rated each aspect of our shopping experience with Perigold online website. Your mileage may vary. We've not yet had an encounter with Customer Service so we cannot rate that at this time, but we will continue to modify this review to update our Perigold shopping review.


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We've rated each aspect of our shopping experience with Perigold online website. Your mileage may vary. We've not yet had an encounter with Customer Service so we cannot rate that at this time, but we will continue to modify this review to update our Perigold shopping review.Buying a Bathroom Vanity: a Perigold Shopping Review