You’ve heard of comfort food, the OOFOS Women’s OOMG’s are comfort shoes. They’re supportive with a casual style that works great for day to day wear. They feature a trendy mesh upper style and innovative design that absorbs 37% more impact to reduce stress on your feet, knees and back.

OOFOS Womens OOMG White and Black: Comfort shoesOOFOS footwear originated from their flip flop lines and with the help of their proprietary OOFoam footbed produced their first fully closed shoe. The casual shoe design is trendy and new without looking odd. You won’t be afraid to wear them out in public.

OOFOS Womens OOMG White and Black: Comfort shoesThe curvature of the sole and Oofoam footbed allows for maximum comfort walking all day or standing for extended periods of time. They make things flat out more comfortable and they work really well.

OOFOS Womens OOMG White and Black: Comfort shoesThe closed shoe upper is comfortable and rises high on the instep and heel. You might think it would be constricting or difficult to put on but it’s exactly the opposite. Contour conforming, comfortable and easy to put on. The price is a tiny steep but worth the time you spend with them.

TheOOFoam outsoles tend to be on the softer side and depending on how you step you might wear them out slightly quicker than you normally would a pair of shoes.

OOFOS Womens OOMG White and Black: Comfort shoesThe 4-way stretch mesh upper design looks great. The contemporary design is trendy and very functional for day-to-day active wear or kickin it around casual-like. The proprietary OOFoam material and design performs well for standing/walking for extended periods of time. Recommended for both comfort and style.

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OOFOS Women’s OOMG White and Black $119.95