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Engineer Hydrocarbon EOD: Official Timepiece US Navy EOD unit

Created by the Ball Watch Company the Engineer Hydrocarbon EOD is the official timepiece for the US Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit. These are the guys that go around and diffuse bombs! They are also Hero’s of the United States civilian population.

Built to Honor the Elite

Originally assembled in 1941 to clear out the battlefields of WWII the EOD, Explosive Ordnance Disposal units are highly skilled techs that go out and make the world safe for you again post war.

Even today during peacetime, you still read about bombs and mines that have not be detonated from various wars including WWII. The importance of these modern day hero’s is obvious.

Left to Right: DM3200A-S1C-BK, DM3200A-S2C-BK

The Engineer Hydrocarbon EOD is Swiss Ball Watch Company’s most shock resistant watch they’ve ever produced.

The robust mechanical timepieces is powered by an Automatic caliber BALL RR1101-CSL. The Engineer Hydrocarbon EOD measures 42mm with a titanium body and equipped with anti-shock systems throughout the design. Water resistant to 300m or 1000ft and features anti-magnetism properties of 1,000 Gauss (80,000 A/m).

Engineer Hydrocarbon EOD caseback, Self-powered micro gas tubes and Super LumiNova enhanced illumination

Ball Watch has equipped the Hydrocarbon EOD with their patented SpringSEALĀ® regulator & SpringLOCKĀ® hairspring anti-shock systems that provide critical protection for the Chronometer that are unmatched. The crown is also nestled inside their patented crown protection system to prevent damage or inadvertent time changes.

The Engineer Hydrocarbon EOD can withstand up to a 10-meter drop. The movement is protected by an elastomer ring that absorbs the impact vibration to diffuse the energy.

A standard characteristic of the Ball Watch Company are the Micro Gas Tubes. There are 28 self-powered micro gas tubes located throughout the bezel, hour, minute, second hand and dial. The innovative self-powered micro gas tubes do not require any external charging source. Additionally enhanced by Super LumiNova, reading time in the dark has never been easier, quicker and more accurate.

Ball Watch Co, Engineer Hydrocarbon EOD S1C and S2C

$3,349.00 Engineer Hydrocarbon EOD (42mm)DM3200A-S1C-BK
$3,899.00 Engineer Hydrocarbon EOD (42mm) DM3200A-S2C-BK