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Limewire 2.1 BT Floor Rocker: X Rocker Gaming Chair Review

The Limewire 2.1 BT from X Rocker is a floor standing gaming chair with built-in subwoofer & 2.1 audio speakers and integrated Bluetooth for easy connection to your Nintendo Switch or audio devices. Let’s take a closer look at the X Rocker Limewire 2.1 BT Floor Rocker gaming chair.

X Rocker Limewire 2.1 BT Floor Rocker Upright open position


The Limewire 2.1 BT Floor Rocker measures features 36.2″ x 20.8″ x 31.5″ and the back conveniently folds over for storage. There’s a bit of hardware inside which adds to the weight coming in at about 40 lbs. You want that weight as it adds to the stability of the chair when in use.

Limewire 2.1 BT Floor Rocker Gaming Chair what’s in the box

A input panel on the right side features speaker volume adjustment knob with power indicator light and a separate bass/subwoofer volume knob and a mode button which we will explain shortly. Inputs include an integrated USB-A port, input/output PC style audio ports and headphone jack. The chair is powered by a 12V DC power adapter.

Game System Compatibility

X Rockers’ Limewire 2.1 BT Floor Rocker lists Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Wii but it also works with Nintendo Switch. You can hook up via Bluetooth on the Switch but if you want to hook up with your Playstation or Xbox you’ll a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver since neither offers one in the system or you can purchase an additional line with splitter if you’re recording voice over your game streams. X Rocker sells a Digital Wireless Transmitter/Receiver kit for $39.99.

For review purposes we’ll be discussing the connectivity with the Nintendo Switch. If you’re just looking to output game audio through your Limewire 2.1 chair then setup is simple; Just connect the AC power adapter and 3.5mm line audio cable from your switch to your Limewire 2.1 chair. The large dial provides the volume control, the smaller dial controls the bass.

On the input/output panel you’ll find audio in/out, 3.5mm headphone jack and USB-A port. The USB port allows for pass-through device charging while using a phone tablet or other source unit. A low profile on/off and Bluetooth mode button round out the selection. Audio chimes and a spoken voice alert you to the changing modes.

X Rocker’s Limewire 2.1 Floor Rocker gaming chair supports a Bluetooth connection. Depress the Mode button on the chair to toggle between Aux and Bluetooth, select bluetooth. Visit the settings screen on the Nintendo Switch and select Audio via bluetooth and pair. The pairing takes a few moments to recognize, but eventually ‘xrocker’ will show up.

Limewire 2.1 BT Floor Rocker audio input/output panel

Sound Quality

The Limewire 2.1 Floor Rocker features a pair of speakers inside the headrest facing laterally outward. A 4 inch woofer that enhances the audio is located in the middle of the chair back next to the blowhole.

The Bluetooth connection works fine, but for example on the Nintendo Switch home screen we noticed a bit of white noise and/or electronic interference sound when using the UI. A wired line-in connection is ideal for minimal interference absent of any white/electronic interference noise.

While you won’t get thunderous sound from the audio it’s plenty loud for being right behind your head. You won’t feel the bass thumping but it does thicken up the sound a bit. It makes for nice audio output for more immersive gameplay without the need for headphones.

The audio input panel is equipped with an LED eyebrow cut outs that flash to the beat of the music and sound effects. It’s not a huge deal but adds a little something to the gaming atmosphere.

X Rocker Limewire 2.1 BT Floor Rocker gaming chair

Comfort, Ergonomics & Build Quality

X Rocker Limewire 2.1 BT Floor Rocker gaming chair measures 36.2″ x 20.8″ x 31.5″. The chair back can be locked into the upright position with a pin to secure the locking metal together. A little 1 inch overlap of the leather with Velcro attached covers the seam and also helps to stabilize the chair a bit.

The only assembly is to screw on the Upholstered Resin plastic arms. Six Allen wrench bolts with washers are supplied. Each side has the female hardware already inserted, all you have to do is screw them in. The screws have a dab of Teflon coating to help secure it once in. The arms are marked L/R; facing the side with the recessed hole to the outward ensures the arms can only be put on the right way.

The chair is comfy but we wouldn’t call it plush. It’s more like a car seat or waiting room chair. It is a little deep for smaller kids (8 year olds as a reference point), but it accommodates up to a 6′ male of avg weight without a problem.

Build Quality

We have two of these X Rocker 2.1 BT Floor Rocker chairs side by side. There are some imperfections in the upholstery and would appear to indicate that it is hand done. One of the chairs the upholstery doesn’t quite stretch exactly so that all the lines are symmetrical and follow the contour of the frame. The see through hole in the chair back where the mesh and exterior material meet is not consistent.

Chair B has an arm that appears to be bent outward slightly. We are also noticing that the chair back hinge is mounted off center so the entire back is off center. We have never experienced any other X Rocker gaming chairs so it’s difficult to tell if this is an issue with this particular model or if there are deeper quality control issues.

Support appears to respond but there’s no one manning the phones full-time. But email them and they’ll get back to you. Slightly frustrating as a consumer.

All that said, the X Rocker Limewire 2.1 BT Floor Rocker feels sturdy and relatively comfy. They do look great side by side.

Limewire 2.1 BT gaming chair

Some Particulars

The chair overall is fine, comfortable, easy to set up and use. We’d love to see some sort of back stop so you can plant the chair and stop it from rocking backwards. The arm rests are in a fixed position but it would be great if they could rotate up and out of the way as some of the newer models from X Rocker do.

X Rocker makes lots of chairs and this can be great for improvements and the evolution of the product. However this can also be a downfall as their inventory will have many outdated sku’s over time so your model may sunset sooner than later.

Through no fault of X Rocker, you’ll most likely need to purchase additional items like a Bluetooth transmitter and a splitter cable if you record voice while streaming. You’ll need a Bluetooth transmitter with 3.5mm in/out if you want to have voice input on the Nintendo Switch.

Hopefully you won’t need to move it often because it’s extremely awkward to carry, even in the folded position.

Limewire 2.1 BT Floor Rocker in closed position

That’s a Wrap

X Rocker’s Limewire 2.1 BT Floor Rocker is a good looking floor standing gaming chair with good weight to it that offers stability & comfort. Built-in audio speakers with audio input panel and Bluetooth connectivity make it easy to use with virtually any device. It’s a suitable option for young ones to grow into as it will accommodate a near 6 foot avg sized adult.

The chair is relatively comfortable and looks great in the game room. Just be sure to know what accessories you might need so that you can set up and fine tune to your setup.

X Rocker Limewire 2.1 BT Floor Rocker $179.00
(Available on Amazon & Walmart)


X Rocker's Limewire 2.1 BT Floor Rocker features built-in 2.1 audio with a 4 inch subwoofer for more immersive gameplay. Audio line in or Bluetooth connection make it easy to connect to your favorite systems.


Build Quality & Comfort
Sound Quality
Design Aesthetics
Overall Performance
X Rocker's Limewire 2.1 BT Floor Rocker features built-in 2.1 audio with a 4 inch subwoofer for more immersive gameplay. Audio line in or Bluetooth connection make it easy to connect to your favorite systems. Limewire 2.1 BT Floor Rocker: X Rocker Gaming Chair Review