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U-Boat Worx Super Sub: So you want to go submersible?

Newly unveiled by U-Boat Worx is their latest edition to their fleet of compact submarines iSuper Sub. The U-Boat Worx Super Sub boasts a silky smooth underwater adventure of up to 300 meters at a top speed of 8 knots (just over 9 mph) underwater.

U-Boat Worx Super Sub profile view
U-Boat Worx Super Sub profile view

The U-Boat Worx Super Sub can carry up to three passengers which includes the pilot/operator. Each person is seated in a luxury chair with 5-point buckle system for those swooping twists and turns.

U-Boat Worx Super Sub droplet design

A first in terms of U-Boats’ new droplet design, the streamlined shape allows for speed, agility and a fully immersive near 360 degree view throughout your voyage. The Super Sub is powered by a “best in class propulsion system” which provides 60kW of power via four thrusters.

“…capable of keeping up with large marine life, the Super Sub delivers an unprecedented eight knots underwater. That’s two knots faster than the top cruising speed of a bottlenose dolphin, and five knots faster than the average submersible.”


Peacefully, gracefully roll and turn with sea turtles, sharks, even keep up with a school of dolphins. Get up close explore beautiful reefs or a shipwreck and truly experience this underwater universe.

The first Super Sub is set to be delivered in 2023.

Glide along with Manta Rays

How can I take a Ride on a U-Boat submersible?

You can experience the ride and underwater thrills on some of the existing fleet via luxury cruiselines like Crystal Esprit, Scenic Eclipse, Seaborn Venture and Crystal Endeavor. If you have a some extra scratch laying around you can even charter a trip directly through U-Boat Worx to explore underwater reefs, ship wrecks and beautiful landscapes in Ital’s Seven Islands, in Greek Island Hopping in the Cyclades or check out remnants and shipwrecks from WWI & WWII in Malta.

U-Boat Worx was founded by Bert Houtman who’s dream was to build a submersible not only for military and research facilities but for the general public to dive deeper without all the need for dive training and gear.

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