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OPSeat Master Series Gaming Chair Review: Racing Style Bucket Seat Design

OPSeat Master Series Gaming Chair review: Racing Style Bucket Seat Design
OPSeat Master Series Bucket Seat Design

As we dive further and further into the electronic world so too does our need for ergonomics as we spend countless hours behind the keyboard. OPSeat’s Master series gaming chair is comfortable and supportive with a premium feel. Its racing style bucket seat design brings that Sparco, Momo racing style into your home. Let’s take a closer look at the Master Series chair by OPSeat.

OPSeat Master Series Gaming Chair review
OPSeat Master Series Chair

Ergonomic computing solutions like standing desks are becoming more available as we begin to understand the effects of sitting and working or PC gaming for hours on end. Even if you use a standing desk, at least 50% of the time you are probably still sitting. A good ergonomic chair can dictate your posture just as a pair of shoes would to support your arches and in turn align your spine.

OPSeat Master Series Gaming Chair review
Master Series Gaming Chair two tone colors

The design

The look of the Master Series chair is very nice and is covered with High quality PU (synthetic) leather that is perforated for good breathability. It’s modeled after a racing car seat design and integrates very well with your gaming gear. The two-tone color accent areas really pop and the stitching looks well done.

The contour of the seat and strength of the chair extend outward from the metal framework. 

Available in solid Black or two-tone Black &: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Lt Blue, Pink, Purple, White, Grey.

OPSeat Master Series Gaming Chair review: Racing Style Bucket Seat DesignFor comfort the Master Series OPSeat uses Cold Molded Foam for the cushions that feels comfortable but supportive. It even comes with ergonomic lumbar and neck pillows that can attach to the chair via nylon elastic straps.

The neck pillow’s strap is sewn into the pillow so you just stretch the nylon and wrap it behind the seat back top. The lumbar support must be unbuckled and fed through the seat base and back space and over the top two triangular holes and buckle together on the back. The neck pillow is reversible, the lumbar pillow is not.

OPSeat Master Series Gaming Chair review
Master Series chair base


Being a high back office chair there’s going to be some weight associated with it. For stability and durability the chair weighs 51 lbs and sports a fully metal frame. It is rated for a weight limit of 300 lbs and provides a reliable Class IV Pneumatic gas lift for smooth operation and convenience. Comes with everything you need to build the chair including a L-shaped hex/Philips screw driver tool. The build takes about 35 min or so give or take. Fully assembled the footprint measures 30″ x 30″ with the seat back at a natural angle.

Assembly is routine, easy to understand and the machined screws and screw holes make the process surefooted. An extra set of Interchangeable Color Tips accent the Star base are included with the chair; color depending on which color combination seat you chose.

OPSeat has provided us with a Master Series gaming chair so that we could bring you our first hand experience and coverage.

OPSeat Master Series Gaming Chair review
Master Series gaming chair synthetic leather and stitching
Design & Looks
Comfort & Ergonomics
Build Quality
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opseat-master-series-gaming-chair-review-racing-styleWe got a chance to spend some extended quality time with the Master Series gaming chair by OPSeat and it does not disappoint. The racing style ergonomic office chair looks cool with its bucket seat and two-tone color design. We spend lots of hours behind the keys and find it very comfortable; makes work or play better.