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LEGO Star Wars releases Rogue One based sets

Based on the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is the first in a series of stand alone Star Wars Anthology films. Rogue One sets it’s timeline just before the movie A New Hope and focuses on a group of Rebel spies and their story obtaining the secret plans for the Death Star. Rogue One Movie is to be released on December 16th 2016 in time for the holidays.

LEGO Star Wars releases Rogue One based sets
AT-ST Walker

Highlights from the new Star Wars Rogue One LEGO sets includes the AT-ST Walker which comes with 3 figures; Baze, Rebel Trooper & AT-ST Driver. The legs on the All Terrain Scout Transport move and the top hatch opens so you’re kids can play and interact with it. There’s even a spring-loaded shooter so you can fire away once you’ve gotten the targets locked in!

LEGO Star Wars releases Rogue One based sets
Krennics Imperial Shuttle

Krennics Imperial Shuttle comes with 6 figures, 2 Imperial DeathTroopers, K-2SO Droid, Bodhi Rook, Pao and Director Krennic. The cockpit opens so you can place your pilot inside. The ramp, landing skids, wings raise and lower for fun action. The new Imperial Shuttle also comes with blasters and spring-loaded shooters for picking off some rebel scum.

LEGO Star Wars releases Rogue One based sets
Imperial TIE Striker

The Imperial TIE Striker comes with 4 figures; Imperial ShoreTrooper, Imperial Ground Crew, TIE Pilot and Rebel Trooper. This patrol fighter’s cockpit opens/closes for the Tie Pilot, a rear cargo hold area is accessible and wings are adjustable. The Empire’s TIE Striker comes with a spring-loaded Shooter too!

LEGO Star Wars releases Rogue One based sets
Imperial Assault Hovertank & Rebel U-Wing Fighter

The new LEGO Star Wars Rogue One based sets also include the new Rebel U-Wing Fighter and Imperial Assault Hovertank and also the larger K-2SO Imperial security Droid, Sergeant Jyn Erso, Imperial Death Trooper figure sets. Grab them before the movie comes out and in time for the holidays!

LEGO Star Wars Rogue One: A Star Wars Story sets range: $24.99 to $89.99
Available for purchase Sept 30th, 2016