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Mydor Marvel Classic Avengers Door Wrap Review

If you have small children the Marvel Classic Avengers door wrap from Mydor makes it quick and painless to decorate their door without the need for messy tape or nails to put holes in your door. They look great the kids love em.

Mydor’s patented door wrap is a simple but effective design and super easy to install. Kids enjoy seeing their favorite super hero‘s poster size while parents will love the versatile design. Also available is the Marvel Civil War which features Captain America on one side and Iron Man on the other, modern or retro comic book graphic Spiderman, Marvel Comics Avengers modern and retro comic book style graphics that include Captain America, Thor, Iron Man & Hulk.

Mydor Marvel Classic Avengers Door Wrap ReviewProduct Material

The Mydor Door Wrap is made of soft, silky style fabric; similar to that of children’s bed sheets that have a bit of sheen to them. The material is UV resistant and machine washable. It’s lightweight and breathable and comes with outward facing full graphics for both inside and outside of the door. It will not cover the entire door so you’ll just need to center it.

Mydor Marvel Classic Avengers Door Wrap Review
Mydor Marvel Classic Avengers Door Wrap Front & Back

How to install

The Mydor graphic door wrap is designed to work with any standard door sized 78″ to 82″. You can also install this onto a hinged bedroom/closet door that has about a 1/16″ of gap top/bottom. The profile is veey low so it doesn’t require much space. If it does rub you’ll have to contend with wear but the door will still open and close relatively freely depending on how tight it is.

Installation is as easy as it gets, just take it out of the box, decide which graphic you want on which side of the door and fasten the Velcro’s located along the bottom corners length wise on the product.

Do not snug the Mydor wrap up too tightly at first as you may want to adjust the position of the Velcro so it’s the least visible. Once you have it loosely attached, slide or rotate the product up or down to position it exactly how you’d like, then go back and re Velcro to tighten up the installation. Try and position the wrap such that any exposed Velcro faster resides on the bottom of the door so as little Velcro as  possible is showing.

It’s a good idea to inspect the top and bottom surface and edges of your door to make sure they are smooth. (For example your doors may not be new, or you may have cut/trimmed them in the past) The product is not overly delicate but can certainly snag if you pierce it or snag it on a rough edge.

Mydor Marvel Classic Avengers Door Wrap Review
Mydor Avengers Door Wrap Box

That’s a Wrap

Fun for kids, your boys will really love the life-size characters, the print is bright/colorful and looks great. We preferred the more realistic illustrated graphics on MVMOCAC01 or MVMOCAC02 or MVCLSPC03 vs the more cartoonish retro comic book style graphics like on MVCLCRG03 or MVCLCRG04. It’s a little pricey at $49.00 but it works very effectively for what it was designed. The Mydor Marvel Door Wraps are very easy to deal with and allow you to install without the need for any tape, tacks, pins, sticky gum etc. Best of all for parents, when it’s time to take it down it’s like it was never there!

Mydor Marvel Classic Avengers Door Wrap $49.99