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Razor Turbo Jetts Review: Motorized Heel on Wheels

Take off like Heel on Wheels with Razor’s Turbo Jett skates. These motorized heel skates are engineered with an 80 watt geared wheel drive that you can use to zip around at up to 10 mph for up to 30 min of fun. Voted “Best of CES” by the Wall Street Journal and CNET, the innovative design allows you to strap them onto virtually any closed sneakers for a little outdoor fun.

The Turbo Jetts are lightweight and easy to strap on with just a single Velcro strap securing each foot. The cage is adjustable with a press of the button you can expand or contract it to fit. A pair of rubber wedges are included to help fine tune the fit if necessary. The wedges are for underfoot and on the motorized side helps make it a little easier to depress the lever to engage the motor.

They take a little practice to get used to but you can’t help crack a smile once you’re zipping around. There is a moderate learning curve and it will take a few tries to be stable, but there is definitely fun to be had.

Razor Turbo Jetts Review: Motorized Heel on Wheels
Turbo Jett Motorized Heel Wheel skate

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The Turbo Jetts use an 80-watt geared wheel drive motor powered by a removable 12V lithium-ion UL2271 certified battery. The cage or frame is made up of heavy-duty lightweight polymer. “Fits shoes U.S. youth 12 through adult 12”. Comes with charger and manual. Maximum weight allowance is up to 176 lbs, suggested for ages 9+.

Razor has provided the Turbo Jetts to us so that we could provide first hand review coverage of the motorized heel wheel performance and our experience with it to our readers.

Razor Turbo Jetts Review: Motorized Heel on Wheels
Razor Turbo Jetts removable 12V lithium-ion UL2271 certified battery



One skate has the motor and the other is just a skate. Depending on if you are a righty or lefty you can determine on which foot to place the motor. When you ride your forward foot is the one doing the pulling. You CAN ride with the rear wheel pushing and non-powered wheel forward but the chance to fall backwards is much greater.

The fit seemed fine and the skates are lightweight. It’s easy enough to walk with them temporarily if you get squirly on the skates or need to negotiate past surfaces that aren’t smooth. You can walk with them pretty quickly leaning on the balls of your feet.

Your initial charge should take approx 4 hrs. Always place it back on the charger as soon as you can after depleting the power just like any lithium-ion battery. If you aren’t planning on using it, pop a charge on it every 3-4 months while it lays dormant to extend the battery life.

Ride time is up to 30 min with ours slightly less. Your mileage may vary depending on the weight of the rider and the levelness of the terrain you are on. Battery recharge time once we ran it down dead was about an hour.

Razor Turbo Jetts Review: Motorized Heel on Wheels
Razor Turbo Jetts


Our Experience

Press the power button to turn it on. To engage the motor you’ll need a rolling start and it’ll kick on. The threshold is just 3mph so a simple quickstep and you’re off. There’s a moderate learning curve as you’ll need to train your body to position your feet and legs correctly.

It can be an awkward feeling at first since you need to lean a bit more on your heels than you normally would standing and you are braking with the toe side of your feet. Stopping is like jumping off a skateboard, couple/few steps and you’re standing again.

It will make your legs work but once you get a little time with them it gets to be pretty fun gliding along. Your shin muscle or Tibialis anterior will be burning. If you already do a bunch of skating where you have good control of the lower leg muscles or do calf-raises at the gym you may pick things up a little faster.

It’ll take a little practice to be proficient and it’s certainly different but the payoff is pretty fun. It’s cool zipping along and being able to go back and forth from walking to rolling without much effort. The younger children ages 10-14 really seemed to enjoy it a lot once they got used to it.


Wrap up

The Razor Turbo Jetts are motorized heel wheels that are easy to toss in your backpack and take with you anywhere for a little entertainment. They are rated for up to 175 lbs and ride up to 10 mph. You get 30 minutes of runtime and the removable battery makes it easy to swap out power cells. The Turbo Jetts are sure to give you hours of outdoor fun and a smile.

Razor Turbo Jetts $129.99