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Cobra JumPack XL H20 CPP15000 Jump Starter Review

Cobra JumPack XL H20 CPP15000 Review

The JumPack XL H20 All-Weather jump starter is a must-have safety tool for the family car and an easy way to avoid getting stuck when your vehicles battery doesn’t have enough power to turn the starter. Also doubles as a nice battery source when you go camping.

Either you forgot your jumper cables, have no one nearby to give you a jump start, car parked in a position where your cable’s won’t reach, sound familiar? The JumPack XL H20 is easy to carry around and incredibly convenient when you need a jump start.

Equipped with two 3.0 Amp USB output ports, the CPP15000 can also be a portable battery to charge your mobile gear when you’re traveling or camping and ideal since you can also charge it back up via the 12v aux port in your car.

Cobra JumPack XL H20 CPP15000 Review
JumPack XL H20 CPP15000 What’s in the box

Specs & What’s in the box

The JumPack XL H20 measures 7.25” L x 4.0” W x 1.5”D and weighs 1.50 lbs (not including the case or any cables.) The increased 12000 mAh Lithium Cobalt Battery is able to hold a charge for longer and should be topped off roughly every 3 months to maintain the full capacity of the battery.

A 400/600 Amp Starting/Peak current provides enough power to start most passenger and light duty vehicles without issue. The battery terminal clamps are slightly enlarged from previous versions so the process of attaching them is a bit easier.

In the box is the CPP15000 JumpPack, Direct-to-Battery Jumper Cables, 12 Volt CLP Charger, AC Wall Adaptor, Carry-case, Owner’s Manual, Registration Card, Coated Quick Start Reference Guide that you’ll want to keep handy.

Cobra JumPack XL H20 CPP15000 Review
JumPack XL H20 Carry Case

The JumPack XL H20 comes with a nice carry/storage case that is a very welcome addition since you’ll be storing it MOST of the time and using it once in a while theoretically. The case is similar in size to a car’s manual binder/folder that zippers closed. Inside are sectioned mesh pockets for each accessory including the XL H20 battery.

Cobra JumPack XL H20 CPP15000 Review
Ports left to right: Charge input port, 2x 3.0A output USB Ports, Output and Jump starter cable module port.

From left to right: Charge input port, 2x 3.0A output USB Ports, Output and Jump starter cable module port.

The JPXLH20 is UL 2347 certified. This UL 2347 certification is a verification by the UL company which assures that this product is engineered meeting or exceeding the “appliance wiring material” standard set by the UL company. If you’d like to read more on the standard you can visit: http://iq.ul.com/awm/stylepage.aspx?style=2347


Cobra JumPack XL H20 CPP15000 ReviewOperating the Cobra JumPack XL H20

Using the JumPack XL H20 is a bit different then other jump starter battery pack in that this version doesn’t directly and immediately provide cranking power to throughput to the starter in a single motion.

Instead, it provides a burst quick charge through either the battery terminal directly using the clamps, or through the auxiliary power port plug aka cigarette lighter to charge your car battery, it’ll just take longer. In each scenario you’ll first turn everything off in your car, attach the JumPack XL H20 battery and wait for the LED light to turn Green and then give it a start.

Our test vehicle was a Bosch battery for a V6 engine that has been in storage and the battery was low enough not to be able to get any reaction out of the starter. Interior dome lights were operable but not really shining at 100%. Initially we attempted to use the 12v car lighter method and waited a couple minutes in hindsight, it probably would have worked given we waited longer.

The CPP15000 went through its charging cycle in what seemed to be less than a minute or so, cranked the engine and it turned right over after which the Power Level LED indicator was down by 1. Connecting to the battery directly put the JumPack XL H20 though the same process but quicker.

Jump starting your vehicle under the hood using the clamps to directly connect to your battery’s terminals is much quicker than using the inside aux power port method. The inside 12v aux port option might work best for heavy weather conditions, wind, rain, snow, hail where it might be better if you were not exposed to the elements.

Cobra JumPack XL H20 CPP15000 Review
JumPack XL H20 Battery level indicator LEDs

The flashlight is very bright which can be very helpful under the hood while under adverse weather conditions. The power LED indicator lights are equally very bright which can be helpful in bad weather but a bit overpowering otherwise.

A single large rubberized waterproof button operates the flashlight, SOS, Strobe as well as the battery level LEDs. On the front is the status LED indicator light which will shine Green for ready, Yellow for wait, Red for a circuit error. The front input output panel is weatherized with a rubberized cover. Additionally the JumPack XL H20 is equipped with Short-Circuit, Reverse Polarity, Over Charge, Reverse Charge, High Temperature protection to deter and warm you of circuitry or power errors.


Cobra JumPack XL H20 CPP15000 Review
Cobra JumPack XL H20 CPP15000

Wrap Up

The Cobra JumPack XL H20 Battery packs an increased 12000 mAh Lithium Cobalt Battery. It’s UL Certified, waterproof so it’s safely operable in virtually any weather conditions. Plenty of power to start up multiple vehicles with the option to jump start a vehicle using the 12v auxiliary port as well for when it’s not possible to exit the vehicle. It’s equipped with an Emergency flashlight and 2x 3.0A USB ports. The JumPack XL H20 is a great companion to have around the garage for the family car, especially if your vehicle’s battery is questionable.

Cobra JumPack™ XL H2O CPP15000 USD$ 169.95