Performance, Clarity, Dual Power Source

The Coast HX5 and HP5R LED flashlights feature excellent performance at a price point that won’t break the bank and an all important Lifetime Warranty. Both the HX5 and HP5R units are engineered with the ability to use either a rechargeable lithium or regular alkaline batteries without sacrificing power and runtime.

A good flashlight is a coveted item around these parts and we’ve been drawn to them since early childhood. Typically we’ve always gravitated to mountable tactical lights, fixed focus, extremely high powered LED output flashlights. But a high-powered blinding tactical light isn’t necessarily the best tool for every job. Today we’re going to take a look at a couple of LED flashlights from Coast that work very well for pocket or personal work lights.

Coast has provided the HX5 and HP5R devices as a courtesy so that we could provide first hand review coverage of the unit to our readers. Let’s take a look, first up is the HX5 pocket light.

Coast HX5 & HP5R Dual Power Personal LED Flashlights Perform
Coast HX5 Dual Power Personal LED Flashlight

HX5 Focusing Pocket Light

The HX5 is a little guy. It measures 4″ long and weighs just 2.5oz, so it’s perfect to carry around in your pants or jacket pocket. It’s a single power adjustable beam at 130 lumens with a beam distance of 259 ft, impact resistant, ANSI/FL1 compliant and the LED is virtually unbreakable.

Coast HX5 Dual Power Personal LED Flashlight
Coast HX5 Dual Power Personal LED Flashlight

The Pure Beam pocket light is able to focus with just a slide outward or inward to adjust the focal point and due to the compact size you can do it with one hand easily. The adjustable focus makes it quick and easy to compensate for either distance or to distribute the light pattern smoothly and evenly so you don’t get an enormous hotspot in the center while the edges of your light are faint.

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The HX5 can use a single AA alkaline, NiMH or Lithium battery for great power source flexibility. An included traditional pen clip allows you to hang it from your pocket, belt or even the brim of your hat. You can’t beat the performance for the price.

Coast HX5 & HP5R Dual Power Personal LED Flashlights Perform
Coast HP5R Dual Power Performance LED Flashlight

HP5R Performance LED Flashlight

The HP5R has become our go to personal LED light for just about everything. It is only slightly larger than the HX5 measuring just 4.875″ and weighs just 2.6 oz but it out performs the simple HX5. It’s output power on high; is 185 lumens, projects up to 600 ft with a runtime of up to 4.5 hrs. On the low setting; 19 lumens at 183 ft projection distance and runtime of up to 14 hrs. You can also utilize either Lithium Polymer rechargeable or alkaline AA battery for the ultimate convenience with Coast’s Flex Charge Dual Power system.

Coast HX5 & HP5R Dual Power Personal LED Flashlights Perform
Coast HP5R recharges via direct to proprietary AA Battery with Built-in microUSB port

Check out the S20 sheath. Made with a ballistic nylon design, for $5 it fits the HP5R nicely. No idea on durability yet but it seems pretty decent for the money. It doesn’t really fit the HX5’s slightly fatter body very well.

Coast HP5R also charges via the pass-through microUSB port hidden under the tailcap

The HP5R also features the same awesome slide to focus that Coast engineers into many of their LED lights. If you turn the head you can lock the focus to spot or flood. The tail end of the light also rotates to unlock/lock and slide outward to expose the microUSB charge port.

The clarity is quite noticeably clearer than the HX5. The HP5R creates a nice tight hotspot when focused for distance with the Coast’s Long Range Optic System and at 600 ft gives plenty of light for walking or checking out a dark corner a distance away.

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When adjusted to flood mode the illumination is incredibly vivid right to edge of the circle of light. The light projection is very consistent across the diameter and colors more natural making object more like they appear in daylight.

We’re impressed with the clarity of the HP5R.

As far as the strobe is concerned, we’re not entirely sure what it’s for, perhaps to get someone’s attn as an emergency light or possibly to confuse a would-be attacker but because the 1st click is the high setting, 2nd click is the strobe, 3rd click is the low setting so you’ll always have to cycle through the strobe setting to get to low.

Coast HX5 & HP5R Dual Power Personal LED Flashlights Perform
LF50 lens filter accessory kit

LF50 Lens Filter Kit Accessory for HP5R Flashlight

We’re big on being outdoors and while a white light is great for lots of things, it’s not fun attracting bugs when your out in the field. The LF50 lens filter kit is a must have at $5. The kit comes with an assortment of 5 lenses, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Clear and an extruded rubber bezel that the filter lens sits inside. The lens could be a little easier to swap out as they must be seated inside the groove/ring cut out on the inside edge to stay secure. Once the lens is on, the LF50 filter fits the HP5R easy enough. The FL50 lens filter accessory will also fit onto the FL75R headlamp but if you leave it on too long it will stretch out enough that it will no longer be able to secure itself to the HP5R flashlight.

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Coast HX5 & HP5R Dual Power Personal LED Flashlights Perform
Coast HX5 & HP5R LED Flashlights

Wrap up

The HX5 and HP5R are engineered with Coast’s Pure Beam Focusing Optics and Flex Charge Dual Power System for bright personal light output in a compact, convenient and sturdy pkg. The HP5R features the Long Range Optic System that provides excellent clarity. Both are impact resistant and meet or exceed ANSI/FL1 compliance for LED flashlight performance. Each of these lights are convenient for carry, excellent for work lights or personal lights that outshine your typical flashlights. Coast flashlights come with Lifetime Warranty.

HX5 Pure Beam Focusing Pocket Light $25.00
HP5R Rechargeable with Long Range Optic System $120.00