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Dakine Mission Street and Campus Backpack Review: It’s almost time again

It’s almost time again to start gearing up for the back-to-school scramble. The Summer always feels longer than it is and then before you know it we’re right back at the first day of school again. It goes quick!

The new Dakine Mission Street and Campus Backpacks feature quality & cool blended together for your young ones that are off to middle school and high school. Let’s take a closer look at these two.

Dakine Mission Street 25L Black backpack
Dakine Mission Street 25L Black backpack

Mission Street Pack

Dakine’s Mission Street pack is geared for Skateboarders but that doesn’t mean you need to be one to enjoy this one. The Mission Street pack appeals to the younger crowd with a modern look and utilitarian functionality. Toted as a skateboarders day pack the Mission features reinforced cargo straps on the back. They’re meant to be used with a skateboard but also work well enough to strap your sweatshirt or bike helmet.

Black 25L Mission Street Backpack Straps, on right strapped with a skateboard
Black 25L Mission Street Backpack Straps, on right strapped with a skateboard

The main compartment is large and in charge. You don’t have to make things more complicated than they need to be. A simple opening on top gives access to the main compartment making it easy to chuck all your stuff in. The main compartment has two zippers with pulls. The lid itself is also a pouch that zippers open for quick access items like your phone or keys etc. The lid has a single zipper with pull.

Laptop Compartment

It’s not just a bag. Located on the side just behind the cushioned back is a flap that reveals a separate laptop compartment. This side loading can be slightly cumbersome when compared to a top loading laptop sleeve like on the Campus M backpack but it does the job. It’s closest to your back to keep your lappy safe and separated from the main section of the pack.

There is a full length zipper on the side for quick access to the main compartment. If you are actually using the bag with a laptop and/or skateboard in it, there’s a reinforced nylon handle on the side so you can easily carry it when you’re not wearing it.

Full Length Mesh Water Bottle Pocket

We loved the extended length stretch-mesh water bottle pocket/sleeve located on the left side of the Mission. The water pocket not only holds those long personal water bottles but the sleeve is also reinforced for added durability. In our experience with children’s backpacks over the years, many times the first thing that shreds to pieces is the cheaply made mesh water pocket so this is a welcome sight.

The Mission Street backpack comes in 3 colors, black, vintage camo, utility green. The black and camo are made of recycled polyester 600D while the Utility Green comes in 630D recycled Nylon for that added durability.

Dakine Camps M 25L perfect size for middle school
Dakine Camps M 25L perfect size for middle school

Campus M Backpack

If you’re looking for a mid-sized backpack for your middle-schooler the Campus M (mid) 25L backpack is compact for comfortable carry. It’s big enough to hold your middle-school gear but small enough to fit more comfortably on your child’s frame. The Campus M (Mid) 25L measures 18.5″ x 12″ x 7″ while the larger Campus L (Large) 33L measures 20.5″ x 13″ x 8″.

Campus M 25L S-Curve ergonomic straps with sternum/chest strap

The straps are s-curved for a contoured fit. There’s also a chest strap or adjustable sternum strap to help stabilize the load when the pack is filled and you’re on the move; The same as you might find on many hydration packs. The Campus M also comes armed with dual quick-access reinforced mesh water bottle pockets on either side (left/right).

Multitude of Pockets

The Campus M comes with a multitude of pockets/compartments to organize your school gear. In the main compartment is the largest section of the backpack along with a padded laptop sleeve that resides closest to your back for safety. A pair of sturdy YKK zippers with nylon pulls makes it easy to get in and out. Next the mid-section is also a full length storage compartment. It has a built-in sizeable pouch that runs half the length of the backpack. Additionally a 3-section organizer; two organizer pockets with 2 vertical pencil/pen slots in the center, helps to keep things quick and easy to access.

More Separated Sections

On the Exterior are 3 additional sections: at the top is a smaller fleece lined pocket for sunglasses. Running 3/4 the length of the pack is a zippered insulated cooler compartment which is nice for Poland Spring bottles or locking storage containers. On the outside of the insulated cooler section is another exterior pouch with vertical zipper for quick access.

The bottom of the Campus backpack is padded with a thinner layer of padding. It’s not a lot but it’s helpful so you don’t slam anything down on the ground directly. Notably the padded laptop sleeve ends about 1 inch above the bottom of the pack. Your laptop is not actually resting on the ground when you put down the Campus backpack down. Very thoughtful and a nice attention to detail!

If there were a complaint here it may be that with the multitude of pockets and sections that if you populate all of them the bag can become quite tight and packed. A 15″ macbook or laptop works great here, a 17″ macbook fits but it’s pushing maximum density. If you need to carry a 17″ laptop go for the Campus L 33L

The Campus M comes in an 18L/25L/32L in 17 different colors/patterns appropriate for children/youth/adults.

Dakine Campus M 25L backpack on left, Mission Street 25L backpack on right
Dakine Campus M 25L backpack on left, Mission Street 25L backpack on right

That’s a Wrap

If you’re looking for a backpack for yourself or you’re a parent looking for your child the Dakine Mission Street and Campus backpacks are the perfect size for your little ones. With a slightly smaller profile, the 25L is a great size for middle school children. Big enough to carry all their things but small enough so that they can comfortably wear it without struggling.

The Mission backpack is available in the 25L and also a DLX 32L and Campus backpack comes in 3 sizes 18L/25L/33L. If you love the Mission backpack it also comes in various Pro forms, you can check them out on the Dakine site.

$75.00 Mission 25L Black 10004000-Black-OS
$65.00 Campus M 25L Carbon 10002634-carbon1501-os