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Revolutionary Dragonfly e-scooter goes Full tilt: Engineered for FUN

Technology is moving fast! It’s a great time to be alive to witness new innovations. Sitting somewhere between an electric bike, scooter, Segway, skateboard, the revolutionary Dragonfly e-scooter aims to provide you with an extraordinary riding experience in a way you’ve never felt before.

Carbon fiber deck, aerospace grade aluminum, automotive level engineering oh my!

Based on just specs alone the revolutionary Dragonfly e-scooter shines. Features tech and engineering typically found in an EV automobile. The Dragonfly lets you experience the excitement and a new found agility that you won’t soon forget. You’ll be happy to know that safety takes precedence over any innovation so you can feel confident riding the Dragonfly. Electronic front brakes with rear drum brakes give you powerful stopping power.

Technical Specs

An onboard LCD 5″ digital color display provides you with information and feedback on your Dragonfly e-scooter. Compatible and Bluetooth connects with iOS and Android phones/devices. You can also lock and unlock the Dragonfly by entering a 4-digit PIN. I’m not so sure you’d want to leave this locked up somewhere but it’s nice to know that you can enable/disable the sensory alarm system with electronic horn.

Powered by two 500 watt motors producing a total peak power of up to 1,650 watts. The Dragonfly’s top speed is 25mph. Similar to many e-bikes the range is up to 50 miles depending on inclines and terrain types. The dragonfly is able to provide full propulsion at up to a 15% grade/incline. Charging input is rated at 48V.

The Dragonfly is engineered like no other e-scooter you’ve ever seen. The guts of the drive train are made of aluminum and magnesium alloy forged & cast components. The Tiller and Battery housing are made from Extruded aerospace grade aluminum.

For the smoothest ride possible the Dragonfly uses 4x 10” x 2.5” Pneumatic tires made of natural rubber for a smooth ride that absorbs those bumpies. Automotive grade LED lighting, brake lights and turn signals complete this EV.

Dragonfly e-scooter 4 wheel steering & Full Tilt Technology

4 Wheels has its Advantages

The Dragonfly doesn’t need to be leaned on anything or a kickstand when not in use, it simply has 4 wheels so just stop and get off or get on and ride. 4 Wheel steering allows a super tight turning radius while the 4 wheel suspension and 4 wheel braking give you the confidence to thrive instead of just surviving the experience. Like any EV this thing has intelligent automotive grade lighting; we’re talking headlight, brake lights, turn signals!

What’s Full Tilt Technology?

Dragonfly comes with a patented 3D full-tilt steering system with dual independent wishbone suspension and adjustable hydraulic damped spring suspension. Similar to a high-performance car, you can adjust the dampening of the springs for a customized ride.

The Full Tilt steering provides up to 45 degree’s of twist. What that equates to is that you can make a full 180 turnaround in just 3.3 ft!

You’re able to turn the steering wheel like you would any other 2 wheel bike but lean into it and the entire setup tweaks out angles and balance for the ultimate in agility. When you lean both the front and rear wheels will turn for more responsive steering similar to that of a modern day AWD car.

Additionally the steering column and deck also lean in tandem to give you that angle of attack for each turn you make. Wrapping all that together with Dynamic electronic traction control lets you Turn and Burn for an exciting ride.


The Dragonfly e-Scooter provides you with one of the most versatile EV riding experiences. Shaped similarly to a traditional scooter, the Dragonfly is anything but traditional. Aerospace materials, innovative intelligent engineering let you take this puppy on the road or off!

Fully able to deal with on or off-road terrain you can ride this like a traditional scooter or take a more aggressive stance to hit that angle of attack more like you’re surfing or snowboarding. Go ahead and lean into those turns!

D-fly is taking reservations for the Dragonfly Now and it is set to go on sale this summer. Stay tuned.

Dragonfly e-scooter $3,999.00