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Smith Optics I/O 7 High Performance Ski Goggles

The I/O 7 Ski goggles by Smith Optics feature a contemporary fishbowl design for maximized field of view with interchangeable lens system and performance fit. They are helmet compatible and equipped with Smith’s spherical lens for maximum visibility.

The Smith I/O 7’s come with two lenses and a microfiber baggie where you can store your alternate lens. The goggle bag is very nice and made with a sleeve inside for your extra lens. There’s an array of lenses to choose from including the ChromaPop Sun and ChromaPop Storm lenses. Select the best type for your ski conditions.

With this last dumping of snow on the east coast increasing the base layer, it’s making the last few weeks of skiing that much better. Spring Skiing is the sh*t, just remember to take along your rock ski’s. It’s not too late go North young man.

Specs & Features

This essential ski gear component features a contemporary look and an innovative minimalist design. They are engineered with one of Smith Optic’s largest spherical lens for maximum visibility and huge field of view. Patented AirEvac design keeps airflow moving through ventilated top and bottom walls while 5x inner lens Anti-fog technology keeps clear and fog-free. A 3-layer DriWix face foam helps the medium fit I/O 7 contoured to the shape of your face for a snug and confident fit.

Smith Optics I/O 7 High Performance Ski Goggles Review
Smith Optics I/O 7 with Red Sol-X Mirror Lens

Smith Optics has designed a single-pivot quick release lock at the top of the I/O 7 for easy release and quick change of lens for variable conditions on the mountain. Dual-axis outriggers pivot in multiple directions for excellent fine tune positioning whether you have a helmet on or not. A silicon backed strap keeps the goggles put when your turning and burning on or off the trail. Excellent for sunny to overcast/flat light to straight up stormy conditions with a quick change of the lens. You can also opt for the ChromaPop Everyday lens.

The lens seats on either side underneath the hinged lens brackets, lower nose piece and finally a locking on top. The locking mechanism is a metal tab that you lift and twist to unlock. At that point you can separate the upper, nose piece and rotate the strap upwards on both sides till you clear the lens and remove.

The “quick release” change system makes changing the lens easier than on a traditional goggle where the frame/bezel wraps around the lens itself. It’s still not something I’d want to do on the trail. It simply makes it that much more convenient to have two goggles in one that you can swap out the lens depending on the day’s forecast.

Smith Optics I/O 7 High Performance Ski Goggles Review
Smith Optics I/O 7 Ski Goggle Lens & frame colors

The Fit

The I/07’s are easily one of the most comfortable and form fitting ski goggles we’ve tried. It’s got a cool futuristic look with your choice of lens type, lens color and frame/strap color. The goggles are quite large but they don’t feel that way, they’re light and agile with a large broad field of view. They are categorized as medium fit.

You feel a bit like your in a cockpit vs just having a window to the trail. The I/07’s look amazing over a helmet, really nice looking setup.

The head strap is adjustable with easy to use clip buckle for easy on/off. Fine tuning your fit is easy with the pivoting anchor points for the head strap. This pivoting anchor point allows the goggle straps to freely adapt to your angle you’ve mounted the goggles on your head or helmet.


We’re pleasantly happy with the performance of the Smith I/O 7 ski goggles. Beyond the wonderful fit, they are able to perform well under varied conditions. This late in the ski year and on mountains with lots of elevation change, fog can be quite an annoyance if not dangerous prospect. Ever been GS’ing down a steep trail and not be able to see? Not fun. There are a handful of people experiencing fogging, although it did not happen to us.

Smith Chromapop Storm Lens
Smith Chromapop Storm Lens

The situation where the summit can be blustery cold while the base is sloshy and wet is a reality that every skier will face. The Anti-fog inner lens keeps it clear and visible. The I/O 7 spherical Carbonic-x lens also features TLT lens technology for crystal clear vision with Chromapop sun. Ours came with the Chromapop Storm which worked very well for flat lighting conditions. The Chromapop lenses are quality and look great. They come in a variety of colors and performance types so you’re sure to find the specific lens you need.

The frameless I/O 7’s feel and look great. The construction seems durable but the top quick-release lock is possibly a bit too quick. You lift the metal tab and twist the lock to release the lens. Mechanically the twisting motion is attached to a little plastic nubby that has an enlarged end so when you twist it closed it locks in place. The metal seems like it might not lock that well after some years. The goggles held together well during spills on groomers and some more violet crashes on the bumps.

Smith Optics I/O 7 High Performance Ski Goggles ReviewConclusion

The Smith Optics I/O 7 performance ski goggles fit beautifully. They work equally well and are just as agile over your head as they are over your ski helmet. The frameless fishbowl design with reflective Chromapop lens looks really cool and performs well. The interchangeable lens system is an added bonus to get you through varied conditions whether bright and sunny or otherwise. The Carbonic-x lens enhances your view of the trail and they look great with lots of choices for color and style. Also come with a lifetime warranty and available in an Asian fit as well.

Smith Optics I/O 7 Ski Goggles w/ Chromapop lenses $230.00
Additional I/O 7 lenses $45.00 – $105.00