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Coast FL75R Dual Power LED Headlamp Review

Keeping both hands free so you can work with the aid of a headlamp is a godsend. You might feel slightly dorky for a moment but the benefits far outweigh the goofy appearance.

Using this for an under the sink project was incredibly useful not having to dance with the flashlight. You know, the one where you try and balance the flashlight against something to get the right angle so you can see?

Comes with the FL75 Headlamp, USB Wall Plug, USB charge cable, car aux USB plug 5v 1A, 4 plastic clips.

Coast FL75R Dual Power LED Headlamp Review
Coast FL75R Dual Power LED Headlamp

We can’t help but think hippies when wearing this thing due to the reflective diamond/dot pattern on the flexible band but aside from any opinions about aesthetics the FL75R is very comfortable.

Coast FL75R adjustable angle

The head strap is backed by a contoured plastic base that the band slides through such that it sits nicely with no pressure points against your forehead. Though the band stretches nicely, be sure to loosen the band sufficiently or you’ll end up with a headache.

Coast FL75R, headband weaves its way between the curved forehead plate to create a natural cushion

Flex Charge Dual Power System

The FL75 Rechargeable headlamp features Coasts convenient Flex Charge Dual Power System which basically means you can operate the device with the included rechargeable lithium battery pack or regular ol AAA alkaline batteries.

Coast FL75R Dual Power
3x AAA alkalines

On the bottom of the FL75R is a microUSB port so you can charge up using the rechargeable lithium battery. The lithium battery itself also has a micro USB port you can use to charge it up separately outside the FL75 light housing.

Coast FL75R Dual Power
Coast Rechargeable Lithium

The FL75R has a max output of 530 lumens and a low setting of 65 lumens. Although we are not using this as a distance light, on high it’s able to project 511 ft with a runtime of 2h and 15 min. So it works very well as a walking light on the trail with the long beam. On the lowest setting runtime can reach up to 11 hours. Focusing the beam is achieved with a twist of the head and also features a separate twin red LED light for close quarter illumination.


Operating the FL75R is easy and reliable; two orange coded buttons turn the unit on/off. The right side button turns on the main light at full power, a 2nd push lowers the power, a 3rd push lowers the power again, a 4th push turns the main light off. The left orange button illuminates the two red LED bulbs for low impact lighting. A quick twist of the lens adjusts focus for flood or spot. Simple and works very well.

Coast FL75R Dual Power LED Headlamp ReviewWrap Up

If you’re looking for an incredible headlamp, Coasts FL75R features Flex Charge Dual Power System for the convenience to use 3X regular AAA Alkaline or the proprietary Rechargeable Lithium battery pack with a microUSB port built right in. The FL75R provides 3 levels of brightness as well as dual red led lights that are optimal for reading in the dark or for when you are on a reconnaissance mission.

FL75R Rechargeable Headlamp $105.00