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Victorinox Venture Pro Full Tang Fixed-Blade: Survival Gear for the Adventurer in You

Off-grid living has been a highly popular topic as of late but when you’re that far out in the wilderness, there’s no room for compromise. Victorinox Venture Pro takes aim at functionality and durability; critical standards that must be met with any outdoor survival gear or adventure gear for obvious reasons.

The Venture Pro from the Victorinox Venture Collection is available for sale at Victorinox.com starting today for $75.00 and $115.00 for the Standard/Pro respectively.

Left to Right: Venture Pro with resin sheath, Venture Knife, Venture Pro Kit

What’s the best survival knife?

Well it’s the one that you actually have with you and never forget to take. The Victorinox Venture Pro features a variety of functionality akin to the traditional Swiss Army knife that goes beyond just the quality of the blade itself.

The full tang fixed blade measures 10.5cm and comes with a Hex & Lanyard hole for convenience and the optional 20mm drill bit that comes in the Venture Pro Kit. Additionally on the handle there’s a bow drill divot to make your fire making just a tiny bit easier on you. The Venture Pro comes with a hard resin sheath for easy carry on your belt.

Venture Pro is easy and convenient to loop around your belt or backpack strap

Practical, Functional, Durable

Sheathing the blade for protection is just the tip of the iceberg though, the sheath also doubles as a Fire making blow tube and comes with removable tweezers, ball point pen and Fire steel.

How to use the Venture Pro sharpening stones

If you want to go the extra mile, for $50 more the Victorinox Venture Pro also has an optional Venture Pro Kit which includes the 20mm drill bit that you affix to the hex/lanyard hole for manual drilling when you need it along with two sharpening stones. The pair of sharpening stones can be placed into two holes on the resin sheath which you can use to sharpen your knife while out in the bush.

Whether you’re more of a weekend warrior looking for great camping gear or really out there living off the grid the Venture Pro from the Venture collection is a solid fixed-blade personal knife that comes with the quality and durability that Victorinox Swiss Army knives have always been known for.

$75.00 Victorinox Venture
$115.00 Venture Pro
$50.00 Venture Pro Kit

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