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Caudabe iPhone X Protection Clear & Simple

Caudabe iPhoneX Protection Clear & Simple

The Caudabe Lucid Clear & Synthesis iPhone X cases feature clean minimalist designs to protect and showoff your new iPhone X. If you don’t want to bury your phone inside of a case that adds a bunch of thickness the Caudabe cases offer clear and translucent designs that offer good impact protection.

Caudabe iPhone X Protection Clear & Simple
iPhone X Lucid Clear Case

Lucid Clear Case

The Lucid Clear case provides shiny crystal clear view of your new iPhone X. The ultra-slim clear case is constructed of “same impact resistant thermoplastic polymer used in bulletproof glass”, drop tested to 6.6ft for good everyday protection.

It’s glazed with a clear coat to resist scratches but also fingerprints to keep the view as clean as your phone. The edges of the case are designed to rise above the plane of the screen so you can place it face down on a flat surface. Beveled cut outs provide space to operate the power button, volume rocker, mic/speakers on bottom and vibrate toggle with ease.

Caudabe iPhone X Protection Clear & Simple
Caudabe Lucid Clear Case for iPhone X

A smoothly beveled and raised man-hole provides extra protection for the camera lens so it doesn’t protrude past the case. With no moving parts there’s nothing to worry about snapping off or coming loose either. The power port cutout along the bottom is appropriately spaced so there’s no problem getting the Lightning cable in normally.

Caudabe iPhone X Protection Clear & Simple
Caudabe Lucid Clear Silver for iPhone X

The Lucid Clear case looks and feels great, elegantly curved and rounded for a good feel in hand. It’s smooth so it doesn’t become a battle trying to get it out of your pocket either. The bottom corners are split so you can get your phone in and out of the hard shell. Also available in a silver metallic finish. (gold coming soon)

Caudabe iPhone X Protection Clear & Simple
Caudabe Synthesis iPhone X clear back case

Synthesis Case

Caudabe’s “most protective” Synthesis case provides up to 3m or 9.8ft of drop protection with its dual-polymer design. The bumper style design is made with Shocklite which is Caudabe’s shock absorbing polymer flexible perimeter. The hard and softer bumper polymers blend smoothly so you won’t notice the seams.

The Shocklite bumper material is gel-like so you get gripping performance out of this case while the back is a hard translucent micro-etched matte finish so you’re Apple logo/back of the phone will still be visible. The Synthesis case is also available in more opaque colors, still translucent but the back is a little less visible.

Caudabe iPhoneX Protection Clear & Simple
Caudabe Synthesis iPhone X clear back case

Like the Lucid Clear the Synthesis provides protection to the raised camera and cutouts for the vibrate toggle, speakers/mic and Lightning port. The power and volume rocker buttons feel natural to operate but are covered with the soft proprietary Shocklite material.

The Synthesis case like the Lucid Clear wraps fully up and around the sides so you can place your phone face down on a table. But what makes the Synthesis case unique is that the corners of rear have slightly raised bumps that will keep the entire back of the case off the table and provide a little more protection for the camera lens that is already recessed below the plane of the translucent back.

Wrap up

Caudabe’s Lucid Clear and Synthesis cases both provide good impact resistance, fingerprint resistance and a window to the back of your phone. Whether you prefer fully crystal clear design of the Lucid Clear or more of a matte finish with grip-able bumper of the Synthesis, Caudabe’s iPhone X cases keep your phone protected and visible. Both are also available for the iPhone 8/8Plus , iPhone 7/7s as and earlier devices as well as for Google Pixel/Pixel XL.

Lucid Clear – $24.95
Synthesis Black – $29.95