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KENU Airvue Headrest Tablet Mount, make your life a little easier

You wouldn’t be the first parent in the world to use their tablet as a make-shift pacifier of sorts when traveling or going to dinner. The Airvue car headrest tablet mount is must-have travel gear for parents for traveling with your young children. Sure you can try and retro fit and install an obsolete dvd player into the ceiling or in the back of your headrest but the Airvue tablet mount makes it quick and easy to use your existing tablet in your car or equally easy on a tabletop.

KENU Airvue Headrest Tablet Mount, make your life a little easier
Airvue mount in Portrait Mode with iPad

The Airvue portable tablet mount fits most popular tablets like the iPad mini/air/pro as well as popular Android tablets with a quad-spring surefooted grips that can expand to hold the tablet securely. The Airvue tablet headrest mount measures 8.75″ x 6.38″ x 1.75″ and weighs 10.2 oz or 289g. There are no instructions inside except simple pictograph graphics but this isn’t rocket science, you won’t need them.

360 Degree Rotation

A 360 degree pivoting ball joint allows you to rotate the tab as well as articulate position easily but will hold in place. The expandable jaws also offer some room so if you need a little more or less angle the depth is about an inch so you can simply tilt the tablet inside the grip or push it flat against the back if you need that extra angle.

KENU Airvue Headrest Tablet Mount, make your life a little easier
Use Airvue on a carry-on luggage bag or tabletop

A sturdy yet flexible single curved mount/stand makes it easy to squeeze together and snap it into the posts of your drivers/passengers seat headrest. It’ll also fit around most carryon luggage bags so when you’re waiting around at the airport you can still use the mount. The flexible curve mount as well as the jaw grips are fashioned with rubber so it won’t be clanking around and holds the tablet in position securely.

You should be careful when using this on a carryon bag that could tilt over and cause the tablet to strike the floor. Always use a protective case on your tablet to keep it safe.

The Airvue can also be used on a tabletop or on any flat surface in landscape view. The mount does not expand long enough to place the tablet in the grips portrait style, so if you want to use the tablet on a table in portrait mode the tablet bottom will rest on the table.

Wrap up

Taking extended trips with the children can make you feel like you’re being tested somehow. The Airvue tablet mount is a versatile, sturdy and easy to use solution to give your children some tablet time while you pay attention to the road and maintain some sanity. The Airvue quickly attaches to the vertical headrest posts in your car and can rotate or articulate for optimal viewing angle for the backseat passengers.

Kenu Airvue Car Headrest Tablet Mount $49.95