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UAG Handcrafted Monarch & Clear Plyo iPhone X cases

Even though the iPhone X hasn’t launched yet UAG has you covered with the new Monarch and Plyo smartphone cases. The new cases meet 2x military drop test certified standards MIL STD 810G 516.6 and feature two distinctly different styles to suite your lifestyle and keep your new investment safer. Both cases have exposed screen areas so they aren’t waterproof but luckily the iPhone X already is.

UAG Handcrafted Monarch & Clear Plyo iPhone X cases
UAG Monarch iPhone X Case with Carbon Fiber


Monarch Series handcrafted iPhone X Case

UAG’s flagship Monarch series case features a five layer, MIL STD 810G 516.6 shock resistant construction for your iPhone X. The premium case is constructed with an exo skeletal alloy metal frame integrated with a soft impact resistant core. The Monarch cases are handcrafted for an attention to detail that make this case shine. Super light, 12.7mm thin and appears well made.

UAG Handcrafted Monarch & Clear Plyo iPhone X cases
UAG Monarch White with Premium Leather

The premium case is constructed with a polycarbonate shear plate that sits against your phone, followed by a premium leather or carbon fiber outward facing backplate. Next is the impact resistant armor layer (rubberized) that is reinforced by the Armor frame (exo skeleten) finally all bolted together with alloy metal screws. The backplate that can be seen through the exo skeleton comes in beautiful premium leather or even Carbon Fiber for that added touch of personality.

The sides are patterned with a honeycomb design for a sure grip. The case protection wraps up and above the screen to protect you from that inevitable smartphone face-plant. The Monarch comes with a 10-Year Limited Warranty.

UAG Handcrafted Monarch & Clear Plyo iPhone X cases
UAG clear Plyo iPhone X Case

Plyo Series iPhone X clear case

If clear is your thing and you prefer to see the nice shiny new phone you just bought the Plyo series for iPhone X gives you that translucent style without loosing any protection. The Plyo, like the rest of the UAG lineup also meets military drop-test standards MIL STD 810G 516.6.

The Plyo features a hard armor shell with a impact resistant soft core and skid pads to avoid abrasions to your iPhone X. The case fully wraps up and over the sides to create a good gap for when you place your phone face down. It’s pretty thin, very comfortable and lightweight.

Structurally this is a one piece case that you squeeze around your phone to get in. The design is solid, relatively thin and the harder protective plastic layer spans the entire footprint of the phone but only wraps up around the sides where you’d normally grip it. What sets the Plyo apart is that the entire case is covered by a softer rubberized plastic, fused together with the hard plastic to create a stronger single piece case.

One other important aspect of the Plyo is that the corners are engineered with what UAG calls Air-soft corners. You can visually see the reinforced corners of the case. You’ll notice that the corners appear to be reinforced with thicker soft plastic. A small mm’s worth of a gap allows for more specific impact resistance to the corners.

Wrap Up my iPhone X

The Urban Armor Gear premium Monarch series and Plyo series cases give you two distinct and beautifully made iPhone X cases to choose from that meet Military drop-test standards MIL STD 810G 516.6. Both the more rugged Monarch as well as the everyday Plyo clear case are single pieces so you don’t have to fumble around stripping your phone down when you want to take the case off. iPhone X will be available in less than a month on 11.3 so don’t wait till you drop it to get a good case, have it ready so you can safely slide your new X from the box into the case! The Monarch and Plyo are awesome stocking stuffers for the Holiday’s.

UAG Monarch Series iPhone X case $59.95
UAG Plyo Series iPhone X case $39.95