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Therafit Women’s Casual Shoes Ultimate Comfort

Just because you spend all day on your feet doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice comfort or support, especially if you have problems with your feet.

Your feet are your foundation. The proper positioning, comfort or discomfort of your feet can resonate up through your body causing you other ailments such as poor posture, knee, leg, back or neck pain. The Therafit shoes worked closely with Cornell University Professor Dr. Richard Lennihan avid runner and vascular surgeon to create Therafit’s Patented technology engineered for women’s shoes.

“Our goal is to improve how you feel throughout the day”

Therafit is endorsed by the National Posture Institute and receives the seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association patented technology of adjustable cushion controls.

Therafit Comfort Fit System exploded
Therafit Comfort Fit System exploded

Therafit’s patented and accredited technology called PCS or Personal Comfort System allows you to custom modify the shoe for impact resistance, the strike force, cushioning level, as well as the heel angle and foot positioning relative to the ground. This versatile system supports many different foot and arch types.

Therafit Women's Casual Shoes
Therafit Erika Navy

Erika Women’s Suede Oxford Shoe

If you’re on your feet all day at your job or go on frequent walks, check out the Erika women’s Suede Oxford Shoe. This cute utilitarian shoe is super comfortable and extremely supportive with that hiking shoe appeal. The Erika’s make standing on your feet all day that much easier to deal with.

We’ve given these a whirl and absolutely love them! They’ve become our testers ‘go to’ shoe for daily wear. They are able to improve your posture and as a result alleviate a portion of back pain when standing for extended periods of time. You’re mileage may vary but have been proven to work well for many.

The Erika Suede Oxfords feature a classic outdoor design with deep heel pockets and sock lining insoles that help life and support your feet. The design is outdoorsy and they’ll fit in for just about any casual atmosphere.

Therafit Women's Casual Shoes
Therafit Paloma Grey

Paloma Women’s Fashion Athletic Shoe

Looking for something a bit more stylish, not to worry. Therafit also makes more fashionable shoe styles that will blend playfully into your casual or athletic mood.  Featured in Grey these trendy sweater knit pattern style sneakers wear well for walks, runs, workouts at the gym and virtually any casual activity. With patterns taken directly from Europe’s fashion runways you’re sure to find a trendy pattern to fit your outfits.

The Paloma features shock absorbing midsoles, stabilizing arch support and deep heel-cups that cradle your foot with comfort. These work great for walks, running, at the gym or just around town.

“Therafit Footwear products are designed for optimal support and cushioning with the goal of providing you with reliable comfort, protection and relief from arch pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, pronation and other foot pain symptoms.”

Therafit Women's Athletic Shoes the Ultimate in Comfort
Therafit Erika and Paloma Women’s Casual Athletic shoes

Wrap up

If you are experiencing arch pain, plantar fasciitis, pronation or other similar issues the Therafit shoes are absolutely worth a look. They’re one of the best shoes we’ve tried and in our case did help alleviate lower back pressure/pain. Very comfortable and very supportive. Available in lots of styles and colors for the gift of care for Valentines Day.

Erika Women’s Suede Oxford Shoe $129.95
Paloma Women’s Fashion Athletic Shoe $129.95