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Freedesk Adjustable Desk Riser Review

Spending hours and hours sitting behind a keyboard can affect your health adversely. Adjustable standing desks are gaining popularity both at the office and at home. The Freedesk Desk Riser is a portable, collapsible table work area that you can adjust quickly and easily throughout your tasks. Use it as a workspace or simply use it as a table. The Freedesk comes in two sizes the original and now a compact version that’s great for a laptop and mouse.

The Freedesk Desk Riser features a clean and minimal contemporary design suitable for any space. It’s cost effective when compared to other adjust able desks and works well for what it was designed to do. The smooth clean surface just makes you want to work. It comes in several table colors and is engineered with bungee assisted height adjustment. There are a total of 9 slots/increments to adjust the height.

Freedesk Adjustable Desk Riser Review
Freedesk Original Desk Riser

Place it on a table and raise it to it’s maximum or near max height to stand and sit throughout your work day. It will collapse flat as the leg supports recess inside the table so the flat height is just the thickness of the table top. Effective at Work, Office or School.

Freedesk Adjustable Desk Riser Review
Freedesk Desk Riser 9 height adjustment increments

Specs and Dimensions

Freedesk’s Original Desk Riser surface area measures 31.5″ x 17″ which gives ample room for a laptop with mouse, or desktop keyboard with monitor and mouse with room left over for the all important cup of coffee.

Freedesk Adjustable Desk Riser Review
Desk Riser Bungee Scissor Leg Supports

The table top is made of MDF board that is coated for a smooth solid surface. It weighs 12 lbs on it’s own which allows the table to remain surefooted.  There are also rubber feet stuck on the corners of the leg supports.

Freedesk Adjustable Desk Riser Review
Freedesk Adjustable Desk Riser Colors

The Original Desk Riser can be adjusted from 19.5cm/7.68″ at it’s lowest increment, up to 43cm/17″ max height. You can also use the table completely flat, which brings the height down to 2cm or approx 0.78″ the thickness of the tabletop.

Freedesk Adjustable Desk Riser Review
Also adjusts flat

Workspace or Tabletop

Aside from using the Freedesk as a work space it works very well as a table top for whatever activity. It allows you to have a nice flat surface anywhere. The Freedesk versatile, we find we’re using it for most anything. Temporary work table, rising desktop or even temporary coffee table. Perfect for puzzles, a Lego project, coloring most any children’s activity. The Freedesk makes it super easy for kids to keep from playing on the floor so they’re more comfortable.

An rounded inner beveled area along the right short side tells you where to lift the table to adjust the height. Since the scissor leg design is a bit off center you’ll find that if you lean on the far end with the notch the table may tilt slightly. That said, the Desk Riser is very stable. We mostly try and make sure we’re working in the center of the table with any objects of significant weight. The Desk Riser is able to support weight up to 33 lbs and is constructed of MDF coated board.

Freedesk Adjustable Desk Riser Review
Freedesk Adjustable Desk Riser Locking Swivel Latch

Using the Original Desk Riser

To use the Desk Riser, first lay it flat wherever you’re planning to use it. Sneak your finger under the table and swivel the locking latch to the open position. If you’re doing this while the Desk Riser is on it’s edge, you’ll want to make sure that you are holding the scissor leg supports tight to the table, as the Bungee cord makes the table want to snap open when it’s not using it’s own weight to slow the action.

Grab and gently lift the side with the notch carved out while assisting the raising or lowering with your opposite hand on the other side. Then lower the notch side down to seat the table position into that height increment. Simple, easy and fast. The Bungee cords make raising the table easier and gravity helps out lowering it.


We would not recommend this for toddlers and small children as there is no locking mechanism when the table is erected. So if you choose to lift the wrong side, which has happened to us several times the table will collapse and slam to the floor. When storing the table without the canvas bag, it may slide or damage on a smooth floor. Be careful not to unlatch the swivel lock when it’s not flat on the floor, the legs will come shooting outward.

There are informational stickers on the tabletop’s surface that we’ve opted to leave right where they are for the next person using the table. There is a simple metal latch that you pivot down to lock the table in prone position which works well enough but could probably be flicked open easily.

Freedesk Adjustable Desk Riser Review
Freedesk Canvas Carry bag single Zipper

It would have been nice to include the carry bag with the Freedesk Original which is almost imperative unless you plan to just leave it out as a tabletop. The canvas bag is suitable, black and zippered however the dimensions of the canvas carry bag are just millimeters larger than the Original Desk Riser itself and the fact that there is only one zipper pull, makes closing up the bag a bit of a battle. Still, we would recommend it, otherwise it will be cumbersome to transport the table and in storage your table’s edge may take some damage.

Freedesk Adjustable Desk Riser Review
Freedesk Canvas Carry Bag for the Desk Riser Original


The Freedesk Desk Riser is a convenient portable table you can use for a multitude of tasks. Use it to keep active throughout your work day or a nice clean portable workspace. The Freedesk has a bungee assisted rising action that makes it virtually effortless to use. The Freedesk Original Desk Riser is an awesome folding table to have around. Excellent for the laptop or for projects.

Freedesk Desk Riser Original 257€–289€ or $270.94 – $304.68
Canvas Carry Bag for the Original 84€ or $88.56