The Platypus collapsing water bottles make it quick and convenient to bring water with you when you’re on the go. Super lightweight and BPA-, BPS-, and phthalate-free for fresh tasting water container you can pack with ease.

The Softbottle features either a Closure Cap or Push-Pull Cap and come in 0.5 LTR or 1.0 LTR sizes. A fast-moving HyperFlow Cap is also available for select styles. Various prints and colors are available as well as plain ol clear.

Platypus Hydration Flexible Softbottle
Platypus Softbottle Closure Cap & Push Pull Cap

The Platypus is a great container to take along with you for camping or hiking. Ultralight weight, rugged and flexible that packs virtually flat when there’s no water inside. Carrying empty water containers annoys me a bit so the Platypus is a great solution, since containers are important camping gear to have with you.

As with any water container, it’s important to make sure that you fully dry it out after use. You can simply rinse and empty the contents and prop it open as best you can like you would any other bladder.

Platypus Hydration Flexible Softbottle
Platypus Softbottle

Clean and Green the Softbottle is a quick easy container to have with you for hydration. The Softbottle is excellent for hikes and camping trips since it packs virtually flat, super light & flexible. It doesn’t cost a fortune so you don’t have to stress about losing your favorite water bottle.

Platypus Softbottle
0.5 LTR $7.95
1.0 LTR size $8.95

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