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Luminoodle XL Plus LED Light Rope Review

The Luminoodle XL Plus from Power Practical is a 10 ft LED lighting strip that is easy to hang anywhere indoors or outdoors for both work or play. The versatile and powerful Luminoodle XL provides 360 lumens of light, plenty of length and beats hanging X-Mas lights any day. This lightweight hardware convenient and can easily find a place in your camping gear.

Luminoodle XL 10 ft LED Rope Camping Gear AccessoryWhat you get

The Luminoodle XL Plus LED Light Rope is IP-67 rated so it’s waterproof for up to 1 meter for 30 minutes so you can safely use this in the rain. The Luminoodle  comes with a cinching storage bag, 4 reusable noodle ties and even comes with an external Lithium 4400mAh battery pack. The included Lithium 4400mAh battery pack features a 2A output so it can also double up to charge up your smartphone or tablet when you’re not using the Luminoodle.

Luminoodle XL Plus LED Light Rope
Luminoodle (5ft shown) XL Plus LED Light Rope


Light output on the 10ft XL is 360 lumens, while the 5ft variation outputs 180 lumens. It measures 304.8cm or 120 inches and weighs just 200g or 7oz. The external battery pack measures 8.8 x5.1 x 2.6 cm and weighs 120g or 4.2oz. You can use any 1A rated micro USB cable to charge your pack. Power Practical’s 4400mAh Lithium battery pack can be purchased individually but has been bundled with the Luminoodle XL. The battery pack also has an LED light along it’s edge which can also be very handy.

Compact & Versatile

It’s extremely compact and much smaller than we expected, which we loved. The light rope comes wrapped on a plastic spool that keeps it neat and reversible USB plug end allows it to be plugged in either side. Being the organized or retentive sorts that we are, we would have loved to have seen a more permanent way to secure the Luminoodle when it’s spooled up but a piece of tape works well enough.

The end is fashioned with a nylon loop to tie on to your tent, shelter, branch or whatever and the reusable 3 universal ties simply slide on to the Luminoodle so you can tie it off along it’s entire length. Additionally the LED light rope is fashioned with 5 magnets that conveniently slide to help you adhere this to any steel surface with confidence. The output isn’t too harsh and has a slightly warm color temperature, great for a personal lighting source but throw it in the bag and the white nylon smooths the ambient light but also makes it a bit brighter.

Luminoodle XL 10 ft LED Rope Camping Gear Accessory
Packed & Plugged in Cinch Sack for use as a Lantern


The Luminoodle comes in a 5ft and 10ft variety and is ideal for camping to string up inside your tent or even along your hammocks accessory line. You can even use it stuffed inside the storage bag as a lantern, how cool is that. The storage bag is white but opaque so it will diffuse the light sufficiently that you can carry it with you as a lantern. The Luminoodle XL is an all-in-one versatile and portable lighting solution. If you need a little more length you can even use a USB extender cable so your battery pack can sit without hanging if you are mounting it in an elevated position.

Indoors you can find plenty of uses for the Luminoodle as well and it beats stringing cheezy X-Mas lights anyday. Use it to illuminate a stairwell or under your home theater screen. You can use the Luminoodle for virtually any task, work or play. The Luminoodle XL’s extended 10ft length and compact design makes it easy to take with you anywhere and makes an excellent camping or backyard patio accessory.

Luminoodle XL 10-ft with Lithium 4400 Battery pack $49.99
Luminoodle 5-ft $19.99 with Lithium 4400 Battery pack $39.99