Non-stick pans can be great, right up till the point where they start to flake and you begin eating the non-stick coating. Field Company offers a hat trick of Cast Iron skillets for the holiday season: Field No. 8, Field No. 10, Field No. 12 give consistent, predictable heat distribution and retention to help you cook better meals. (Field No. 12 available for the holidays)

Field Company’s cast iron skillets are simple and effective and with a little bit of care they last you a lifetime. We had a chance to spend some intimate time with Field Company’s Field No. 8 Cast Iron skillet and were impressed with the results.

Field Company Cast Iron Skillet Review: Cook better food without non-stick
Field Company Cast Iron Skillet

It takes a moment longer to heat up but the heat distribution is very consistent and uniform across the pan. The pan should last virtually forever with a little bit of care and best of all there’s no non-stick coating to flake off.

The Field Company Skillets are simple, effective and versatile. Cook indoors on a stove, in the oven or electric and induction stove tops. You can take it outdoors and even cook over an open flame/camp fire.

Field Company Cast Iron Skillet Review: Cook better food without non-stick
Cooks meat like a champ, burgers taste like they came off the grill

Cooking Experience

Our cooking experience has been a pleasant one. If you like cooking on the grill, cooking on a cast iron skillet achieves similar results on your home stove. It’s really great for cooking meats. FC suggests you warm the skillet for 5 min prior to adding any food into it. It takes a little longer to bring to temperature vs a non-stick pan but the heat distribution is very consistent and predictable.

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The No. 8 puts a nice sear on the steak without burning it to charcoal and overcooking the interior. It makes cooking a nice medium juicy steak or burger easier. Big difference from frying a steak or burger on a non-stick pan.

Field Company has provided the No. 8 Skillet to us so that we could provide first hand review coverage of the product and quality along with our experience cooking with it to our readers.

Field Company Cast Iron Skillet Review: Cook better food without non-stick
Field Company Cast Iron Skillet: Bacon, Eggs, Sausages no problem

Breakfast foods like bacon, pancakes, sausages all worked out very well. Just ensure that you add a little butter or coconut/olive/grapeseed oil prior to cooking and you’ll be good to go. Eggs & pancakes did require a little more seasoning time and fat to grease the pan initially. The cast iron pan can evenly distribute low/medium heat well, so you can butter the pan and keep eggs and pancakes at a lower temperature without burning everything. It is like a wok, the more you use it, the better it gets.

It’ll also retain heat for longer periods of time for keeping fajitas warm for example. It is also resistant to warping as the iron is strong. Just like with any cooking surface do not try to cut anything in it. Instead remove the meat and place it on a plate or cutting board. Use of wooden utensils is recommended to keep the surface smooth.

Field Company Cast Iron Skillet Review: Cook better food without non-stick
Field Company Cast Iron Skillets: No. 8, No. 10, No. 12 (Field No. 12 available for the holidays)

Check out the Field Company Roster:

Field No. 8: The Every Day pan: 10 1/4″ diameter, 8 3/4″ cooking surface, 4.5 lbs
Field No.10: The Family Size skillet: 11 5/8″ diameter, 9 3/4” cooking surface, 6 lbs
Field No.12: The Sunday skillet: 13 3/8″, 11 1/3″ cooking surface, 7.8 lbs
(Field No. 12 available for the holidays)

Field Company Cast Iron Skillet Review: Cook better food without non-stickCaring for your Cast Iron Skillet

FC suggests that you use a light amount of your favorite cooking oil and rub it over the surface, inside and out. Keeping the pan very lightly coated with cooking oil will preserve the pan.

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It is also suggested not to use detergent to clean the pan. Use a scraper to scrap off the food that is left over, rinse with water and wipe clean and leave. You CAN treat it like a wok and keep the natural flavors and seasoning building. We’re not sure this is a completely practical approach as it can remain greasy and leaves left over odors which the wife isn’t too happy about.

For those of us with less rustic lifestyles, we suggest to wash the pan with just water and light detergent, wipe it clean and let it dry thoroughly. You can pop it on the stove for a couple minutes to evaporate any moisture left on the pan. Then using a couple/few  tablespoons or more of olive oil (or your favorite cooking oil) with a paper towel wipe down the entire pan inside and out to keep the surface moist when not in use.

Things to remember

While we love the pan, it’s cast iron so it’s heavy as heck and can pose an issue for storage. The handle can heat up significantly during use, use pot holders. The pan takes just a moment or two longer to prep for use and care for storage but it’ll never flake and always be non-stick.

Field Company suggests not to cook acidic foods like tomatoes, wine, citrus, vinegar which strip off the seasoning. Since it isn’t practical for us not to wash the skillet with soap, we’ve opted to simply re coat the pan with olive oil after each wash. It’s also important to note that the skillets are NOT dishwasher safe.

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Field Company Cast Iron Skillet Review: Cook better food without non-stick
Field Company Cast Iron No. 8 Skillet

Wrap up

Field Company’s hat trick of cast iron pans help you cook better food without worrying about non-stick coating flaking off. Beautifully crafted and made to last a century they’re simple, versatile and cook great meals.

We recommend the Field No. 8, 10, 12 for cooking meats but they perform well with most anything really. With a little bit of prep and care Field Company’s Cast Iron Skillets will help you cook better food. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty and is Made in the USA.

Field No.8 – $100
Field No.10 – $135
Field No.12 – $185
(Field No. 12 available for the holidays)