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Fagor Induction Pro 1800W Portable Cooktop

Portable, fast and precise is what you get with the Fagor Induction Pro 1800W Cooktop. This small appliance is efficient using up to 90% of the energy produced with no open flame, smoke or harmful gas, which is awesome if you have a newborn or someone with respiratory issues. Let’s take a closer look at this small appliance.

The efficiency and portability are at the heart of this induction cooktop. The surface of the stove is able to detect the base of the cookware and will only provide heat to that area, pretty cool.

Fagor Induction Pro 1800W Portable Cooktop
Induction Pro only applies heat to the magnetic pot

This means no flames to blow out or heat to get lost between the cookware and stove grating like on a butane style portable cooktop or your home stove. What it also means is that the heat is transferred to your cookware without any loss that will save you money and time. In a matter of a few seconds your cookware will be up to temp.

Specs & Features

The Induction Pro measures 11.8″W x 2.3″H x 15″D / weighs 4.9lbs and relatively small for your countertop but large enough to handle a standard 8-quart stockpot.

Temperatures range from 140 to 465°F and features a digital LCD display that’s easy to understand with temp and time easily readable. It’s not backlit but it displays in red so it is still readable when the kitchen or living area lights are dimmed.

The Fagor Induction Pro has 8 preset power levels for you to quickly choose from with a maximum temperature of 465°F. This thing works awesome for boiling water and provides instant heat.

Fagor Induction Pro 1800W Portable Cooktop
Fagor Induction Pro 1800W Portable Cooktop

It comes equipped with an automatic shutoff feature, 180 min timer as well as a child safety lock for fiddle-factor when your back is turned.

Eco-friendly and energy-efficient you are able to reduce your cooking time by up to 50%, just be careful you compensate for your cooking times and heat levels as you may find you need to get used to the cook time. While a pot of water may boil a little faster than a conventional stovetop, cooking times ARE accelerated so there will be a small learning curve to get yourself accustomed to the speed.

Fagor Induction Pro 1800W Portable Cooktop
Cleaning up the Induction Pro 1800W Portable Cooktop

Cleaning the heat resistant glass cooking surface is as easy as taking a paper towel and wiping it off. Since the glass is heat-resistant, your spillage won’t get baked onto the cooking surface.

Fast & Efficient

You should note that the Induction Pro Cooktop will work best with Induction Cookware. Induction cookware is made with magnetic material. Cast Iron, Steel and Ceramic-clad enameled pots and pans that contain an iron pan inside will also work. Aluminum, glass or copper cookware will not work unless they’re laced with magnetic material on the base.

Why I can’t use just any type of cookware with my induction stovetop

Fagor Induction Pro 1800W Portable Cooktop
Induction Pro Magnetic Coils

How the Induction Pro Works

Under the heat resistant glass surface are a series of copper coils spaced out in a circular ring pattern. It are these copper coils that generate a magnetic field that will generate heat in magnetic; iron and copper pans. The heat is generated directly at the pot leaving the heating element itself to remain cool. Fagor demonstrates the induction technology by placing a dollar bill between the Induction Pro and a pot of boiling water. The water boils while the dollar bill won’t burn, cool!

What the Induction Pro also translates to is even, consistent heat avoiding hot spots where parts of your food may burn while other parts might not.

Fagor suggests you have your food prepped before you even turn on the unit, yes it’s pretty quick. At first you’ll be scrambling to keep up with your cooking because you’ll jump to the next step much quicker than you would on a traditional flame stovetop.

Fagor Induction Pro 1800W Portable Cooktop
Fagor Induction Pro 1800W Portable Cooktop


Turn it on by tapping the power button and set your desired temperature or use one of the eight preset power level buttons. Quick launch buttons allow you engage the preset power levels for single touch operation. The Induction Pro has 8 preset power levels: warm, simmer, boil, rapid boil, Saute, brown, sear, stir-fry.

Fagor Induction Pro 1800W Portable Cooktop
Fagor Induction Pro 1800W

These presets are very helpful when you first start using the Induction Pro and helps you to initially get more acquainted with the faster cook times. Once you’re accustomed to the cooking times the presets make things convenient for common temps you might use to boil water, saute mushrooms etc. You are also able to manually adjust the temp with the +/- button in 10 degree increments.

Fagor Induction Pro 1800W Portable CooktopConclusion

The Fagor Induction Pro 1800W portable cooktop is a convenient and relatively inexpensive luxury to have around the home. Efficient, fast and safe heating and the ease of portability make the Induction Pro perfect for entertaining or traveling. Great for fondues and tableside cooking. I’ve even seen car camping grounds with accessible power outlets. Use it as a backup stove, safety or for portability, the Fagor portable cooktop makes a great gift for the holidays.

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