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HoverGlide Floating Backpack: It’s in the Physics

The HoverGlide floating backpack is the first of its kind. Scientifically proven to reduce impact on the body by as much as 86%. The stress reduction alleviates load on the neck, back, knees and ankles when walking, running, hiking or climbing steps.

The HoverGlide features Lightning Packs proprietary Suspended Load Technology (SLT) that uses principles of physics to achieve this innovative piece of outdoor gear. HoverGlide offers two sizes in four unique backpack designs customized to the experience: The Commuter, Hiker, Tactical, Trekker.

HoverGlide Floating Backpack; It's all in the physics
The Trekker 55L 24 inch frame, HoverGlide floating backpack


The extreme weight reduction is facilitated by the patented double-frame and suspension system. It integrates 2 frames structures. First a fixed frame that is the portion of the backpack that you wear on your back. Second is the moving frame which is suspended from the fixed frame and tensioned shock reducing mechanism. This technology allows the moving backpack to remain at a constant height regardless of the movement going on under it. eg walking, running, hiking or climbing up steps.

HoverGlide Floating Backpack; It's all in the physics
The Trekker, Tactical, Hiker, Commuter HoverGlide backpacks

Two sizes, 4 packs

The HoverGlide comes in either a 20″ or 24″ frame. The 24″ frame is provided on the Trekker, a pretty cool camping/hiking backpack for example gives you 55L of carry space and weighs 9lbs. It comes with a sleeve for a hydration reservoir, zippers and pockets for easy access to essentials and compression straps to secure the load. The 24″ frame is able to carry up to a load of 55 lbs. Additional weight can be held but you must lock the SLT and lose the hover functionality.

HoverGlide Floating Backpack; It's all in the physicsThere’s also the 20″ modular frame design which you can attach your choice of 3 interchangeable packs the 28L daily Commuter, the 30L Hiker and the 30L Tactical. Weight can range from 5.5lbs to 7lbs depending on the customization. The 20″ frame can carry a maximum load of 27lbs (additional weight can be held if the SLT is locked)

HoverGlide Floating Backpack; It's all in the physics

Check it out

Lightning Packs HoverGlide Floating Backpacks are available for pre-order now on Kickstarter. The project is funding past their goal on kickstarter but it isn’t to late to get in on the ground level. The first packs are to ship by July 2019.

Lightning Packs HoverGlide Floating Backpacks