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Catalyst Case vs PodPocket: An Apple Airpod Case Comparison

One of the most popular fully wireless earbuds are Apple’s Airpods. They perform well and if you’re an avid user a good case is essential for when you are out and about. Lets see how the Airpod case from Catalyst Case and PodPocket up stack up against one another.

Both the Catalyst Case and the PodPocket provide carry protection and storage for Apple’s Airpods. Both are similarly priced at $24.99 and $19.99 respectively and look very similar. Lets take a look at the feature comparison.

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Catalyst Waterproof Case for Apple Airpods

IP67 Waterproof & MIL-STD 810G Drop Protection

A big feature that separates the two right off the bat is that the Catalyst Airpod case meets or exceeds IP67 certification standards. Since Apple’s Airpods are not waterproof this is a useful feature to have. Provides waterproof protection up to 1 meter or 3.3 ft.

The Catalyst waterproof case is also drop proof meeting or exceeding the MIL-STD 810G drop test standards. Takes shock or drop up to 4ft or 1.2 meters.

Catalyst Case vs PodPocket: An Apple Airpod Case comparison
PodPocket Airpod carry case

What they both do

  • Both airpod cases provide direct port access to the lighting port via cutout for easy access.
  • Both also use a silicon case to cover the exterior and provide a place to secure the keyring or carabiner.
  • Both provide a custom slot that the Airpods sit nicely inside with a lid.
  • Both have a magnetically closing lid to security.

Catalyst’s Airpod case extends the silicon so that it can wrap over the top edges to secure the lid closed. Peel it back when you want to open the lid. It keeps things a little more secure and looks nicer.

The PodPocket Airpod case keeps the silicon just below the lid so it does not interfere with opening/closing the lid. PodPocket also has a version where the silicon does overlap very similarly to the Catalyst version but there’s no keyring on it.

Carabiner vs Keyring

The PodPocket uses a traditional style keyring with clasp to secure it to your belt or wherever. The ring is solid, sturdy and works fine but a bit plain. The Catalyst Airpod case uses a black non-locking carabiner that attaches to a molded eyeloop that looks cool and much more refined. The PodPocket ring has one advantage in that it can rotate 360 degrees where the Catalyst Airpod case does not have any swivel ability.


The Catalyst Airpod case provides waterproofing and drop/shock protection in a polished and refined design that looks as great as it performs. For $5 less you’re losing a few key features in the PodPocket. The win goes to Catalyst Case hands down.

Catalyst Waterproof Case for Airpods $24.99

PodPocket case for Airpods $19.99