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Fortius Arms KeyBiner Carabiner

Love machined metal? Like to carry your keys on a carabiner? Check out the KeyBiner from Fortius Arms. The KeyBiner is a carabiner and functional multi-tool in one.

Simple and effective the KeyBiner gadget allows you to hook up to 14 of your keys and carry them on your carabiner. The best part is that the keys won’t jingle and stay put and there aren’t any sharp edges to worry about.

Fortius Arms KeyBiner Carabiner
Fortius Arms KeyBiner Carabiner with 32GB USB Flash Drive

Attach your Keys

It comes with 5 screws of varied lengths and 10 metal washers and 2 plastic bushings so you can any common sized large or smaller keys. You’re able to hinge keys on two sides that swivel and fold into/behind the KeyBiner for a tight footprint. An included backplate/bar is included to sandwich your keys together. You can fan the keys out and select the one you need. In practice, we like to use the KeyBiner around the house on a set of keys that are not the main house/car keys. Works great for a second set of keys for rentals or shed/garage/lockbox etc.

Fortius Arms has provided the KeyBiner Carabiner as a courtesy so that we could provide first hand review coverage to our readers.

You also have some machined holes of various sizes so you can clip any additional items to the KeyBiner. It’s a non-locking carabiner with clever little gate. The gate isn’t hinged in a traditional way and instead is like an uneven paper clip, just thicker. Each of the gate ends are pre-inserted into holes and it flexes to open and closes back without any problem. Simple also means less to break.

Fortius Arms KeyBiner Carabiner
KeyBiner Carabiner Multi-Tool diagram

The KeyBiner is also a

The KeyBiner is also a Bottle Opener, 1/8″- 3/16″ – 1/4″ – 5/16″ – 3/8″ 10mm  Wrench, Screw Bit Driver, Flat Blade Screw Driver/Prybar/File, 3/8″ Screws fit 1-6 keys, 1/2″ Screws fit 1-10 Keys, 3/4″ Screws fit 1-14 Keys. It won’t be your be all end all multi-purpose tool but it sure comes in handy in a pinch and looks pretty darn cool.

Fortius Arms KeyBiner Carabiner
Fortius Arms KeyBiner Carabiner

Don’t call it a Keychain

The KeyBiner Carabiner from Fortius Arms is a cool little stocking stuffer or gift for handy guys that love gadgets. The design is sturdy, carries up to 14 keys and is a convenient little tool that’s always by your side. A 32GB Flat key shaped Thumb Drive is also available for an additional $17.

Fortius Arms KeyBiner Carabiner
Fortius Arms KeyBiner Carabiner available colors

Available in Aluminum Red/Green/Black/Tumbled, Copper and Titanium Blue/Bronze/Tumbled. Add $5 – $35

KeyBiner Carabiner Made in the USA $35.00