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AirTamer A310 Personal Air Purifier Review

So you’ve got a couple of home air purifiers but what if you could take one with you everywhere you went? The AirTamer A310PMB is a personal air purifier that you can hang around your neck, take it on a flight or to your dusty office to literally help you get a fresh breath of air.

If you are affected by airborne allergens, seasonal pollen, dust, smoke or have some form of lighter respiratory issue the AirTamer A310 is worth a consideration.

AirTamer A310 Personal Air Purifier Review
AirTamer A310 who can benefit?

Who can it benefit?

This can be very helpful for frequent flyers and travelers, medical, daycare professionals or teachers that are exposed to young children and common illnesses on a regular basis. Employees of virus pits, err we mean indoor play places. Whether you work there or are visiting the AirTamer is a nice little device to keep handy. If there are places where you can still smoke cigarettes in public, the AirTamer also reduces smoke from your personal breathing space.

AirTamer A310 Personal Air Purifier Review
AirTamer A310 PMB

We cannot say for sure one way or the other if it could interfere with any internal health monitoring or pace maker medical devices, so please check with your doctor before attempting to use the AirTamer if you have a medical condition. We are not doctors.

Filterstream has provided the AirTamer A310PMB device as a courtesy so that we could provide first hand review coverage of the personal device.

“The AirTamer is a personal gadget that promotes health & wellness through prevention.”

AirTamer A310 Personal Air Purifier Review
AirTamer A310PMB Personal Air Purifier


The AirTamer A310 emits a pulsing steady flow of negative ions directly around the device, about a 3ft sphere. So it does not operate the same way a typical home air purifier would. This invisible bubble around your head instead utilizes the negative ions to repel atomic size airborne pollutants. This results in cleaner, healthier, effectively filtered air around your head.

A green LED light turns on and pulses to let you know that the AirTamer is functioning. A rechargeable battery gives you 150+ hours of runtime on a charge and there are no air filters to replace. Since it doesn’t magnetize particles to attract them but rather repels them, there are no filters to clean either. The unit runs silently and hangs around your neck. We recommend the AirTamer A310PMB Model since it comes with a Leather Pouch, otherwise you get something similar to a Sucrets tin can.

The AirTamer A310 measures 4″ x 4″x 1.5″ and should be worn so it is positioned in the upper part of your chest. The lanyard appears cheap and is made of weaved fabric so it can soak up, sweat & moisture. A plastic cinch allows you to adjust the height position. There’s also a plastic clasp at the rear that you can separate the lanyard ends. The lanyard attaches to the AirTamer with no visible way to remove it. So if yours gets cut, frayed or you just wanted to replace it, it’s hardwired in there unfortunately.

AirTamer A310 Personal Air Purifier Review
AirTamer A310PMB

Our Experience

We’ve been using the AirTamer for 5 days at our office test environment. This office is like any typical office, riddled with dust behind desks on computer cables, the fabric samples add a lot of different types of dust as well. Our tester is affected by this and the dry static filled room only intensifies the problem. After a week of use, we have had favorable results with a clearer sinuses with easier breathing. Coughing and throat clearing was reduced significantly for us with no coughing and little to no throat clearing where previously it had been incessant.

AirTamer A310 Personal Air Purifier Review
AirTamer A310 Negative ION bristles

On the top are brush bristles that help guide the ions outward. If you hold the bristles close to your face, you can feel the air gently blowing/pulsing upward. When it is worn as recommended so it hangs on the upper part of the chest, you can still feel a light and pleasant cool breeze.

We’re not completely sure that using this outside can be effective with presence of any level of wind, but indoors it seems to work. This unit uses it’s output of negative ions to repel airborne particles. Bear in mind that these are not visible particles so don’t expect someone to dump a vacuum cleaner bag and have the dust cloud part ways for you by wearing it. The AirTamer is for atomic sized airborne particles.

We have passed this unit around to a few employees, returning with reports of similar good experiences while wearing the AirTamer. Is it a placebo effect? We don’t believe it is but time will tell as the season for sickness is marching ever closer and the potential for exposure to airborne germs increases. We’ll return with a long term assessment before the holidays.

AirTamer A310 Personal Air Purifier Review
Our experience with the AirTamer A310

Wearability & Storage

The AirTamer A310 despite being just 156g can start to feel heavy on your neck after about 20-30 min and feels like its cutting off some circulation. 156g might seem like it’s very lightweight but Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 weighs 195g which isn’t that far off.

While the air purification is certainly the most important part of this device the wearability becomes a factor as well. We would love to see a better lanyard, replaceable with some sort of neck pad reinforcement or lightweight chest/shoulder harness so it doesn’t dangle and move when you bend over.

The lanyard also doubles as a ground wire when it touches your skin. The majority of users didn’t seem to experience this but a handful of users as well as in our own testing are feeling a subtle itchy sensation where the lanyard touches the skin. Only you can fully determine if this is an issue for you.

AirTamer A310 Personal Air Purifier Review
AirTamer A310 PMB Box

Wrap Up

Clean water and clean air are essential for a long life. The AirTamer A310PMB personal air purifier creates a 3ft space of cleaner, healthier air that follows you around everywhere you go. The device is effective, lightweight and convenient to use. Silent operation and no filters to clean or replace and 150+ runtime with the rechargeable battery make this little added layer of sickness prevention handy.

Update: It’s slightly disappointing to learn that the AirTamer A310 now comes in a tin can vs the leatherette case that it used to come with. The leatherette case is now an additional $14.99.

AirTamer A310PMB personal air purifier $149.99