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Motorola Flexes Adaptive Display U-shaped Phone: Bending not folding

Motorola isn’t dead yet; they’d at least like for you to look in their direction. At the Lenovo Tech World 2023 event they show off it’s bending adaptive display u-shaped phone. Yes that’s right, you can bend it so it can stand on it’s own or bend it into a u shape so it wraps around your wrist like a bracelet.

Yep, a bending wearable smartphone, cool!

So the concept isn’t completely new. Lenovo (who owns Motorola) unveiled this bending concept phone some years ago; We first wrote about the Adaptive Display Concept back in 2016 but back then it was called the CPlus Bending Smartphone.

7 Years later it’s still a concept and its still not for retail sale, but you get some more particulars on it. Still pretty cool but hard to say whether this will make people hungry or if it’s just a passing novelty.

The Motorola adaptive display concept features a 6.9″ display. When it’s bent to stand itself on a tabletop you get about 4.6″ of effective screen area.

In order for it to stay on your wrist you wear a metallic band that the phone sticks to. Without the band you guessed it, the phone would go flinging off your wrist at some point.

Wearing it on your wrist might be somewhat unrealistic unless it’s featherweight. Smartphones are pretty heavy these days and I can’t imagine the full weight of one on my wrist comfortably for any length of time. Even holding a tablet to read for more than 10-15 minutes can exhaust your arms pretty quickly.


Lenovo going all in on AI and incorporates a personal assistant and AI that never stops learning and “adapts to patterns and usage with natural voice or text interaction capabilities”.

What’s different here is that the MotoAI model runs locally so you’re not waiting for a return trip from the cloud to get your answers or execute functions.

In addition to the typical things you might use the personal assistant for like making phone calls, setting alarms or calendar dates etc the MotoAI will also do some new stuff like; AI generate unique imagery you can use, summarize long chat/text, improve image quality by minimizing wrinkles and shadows or sharpen them up automatically.

Privacy through Obfuscation

It can also protect your privacy and information through obfuscation; the phone will know to blur out any sensitive information when it knows you’re posting it publicly to social media etc. Obfuscation via AI might be worth its weight in gold. Looking forward to hearing more about this one.