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Swagtron Snowtide Smart Helmet: Keep in Touch with your Crew Hands Free

Winter is here early and it’s gonna be a great year to bust out your Ski gear and get out on the mountain to make some turns. However, protecting your noggin is always at the forefront of protection when you are skiing or snowboarding. The Snowtide Smart Ski & Snowboard Helmet keeps your melon safe while keeping your hands free to communicate with the rest of the crew while your on the slopes.

Swagtron Snowtide Smart Helmet: Stay Hands Free on the Trails
Swagtron Snowtide Smart Helmet, Fully EN1077 & ASTM F2040 Certified

If you’re not fallin, your not really tryin

Swagtron‘s Snowtide Smart Helmet features Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone so you don’t have to expose your phone to the elements and worry about dropping it while your on the lift. Queue up a song or communicate with your group with one-button Push to Talk (PTT) two-way communication without limits on range.

Specs & Protection

It’s a Ski/Snowboard helmet so first and foremost is the protection level. The Snowtide uses In-mold Construction (EPS + ABS) and is fully EN1077 and ASTM F2040 certified design that performs when you need it to.

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It comes in all Black or Black/White and is a M/L sized helmet measuring 57 cm – 61 cm. Weighs just 750g. Battery life is stated at 16 hours with a 48 hours of standby time. 2 hours to full recharge using the included USB cable. No wall plug is included.

The Swagtron app must be installed to gain the full functionality. Pair up the helmet with your iOS or Android app via Bluetooth and you’re good to go.

The App and the helmet connect via Bluetooth for PTT functionality and to control your music and engage the SOS system. Additionally the app tracks and stores data  about your runs. It can provide you fun info like the Distance, Speed, Duration, Vertical drop, Angle of slope and Altitude. The “Group skiing” section of the app lets you to add contacts in your ski group for the day or emergency contacts that you want to be able to reach out to with one-click calling.

Swagtron Snowtide Smart Helmet: Stay Hands Free on the Trails
Swagtron Snowtide Ski & Snowboard Smart Helmet with Push to Talk


The Snowtide’s design is pleasing and looks pretty slick. But it isn’t all about aesthetics, it offers a wealth of functionality. The helmet only come in med/large but offers an adjustable fit system with a Size dial located at the 6 o’clock position at the rear of the helmet. Righty tighty, lefty loosey, it’s that quick and easy. A sturdy but comfortable chin strap angled perfectly allows the padding to rest naturally with the contour of your neck.

If you’ve ever worn a helmet to bike, ski, board or whatever, you know it can get hot in there. There are a total of 15 vents located strategically around the helmet; At the top rear of the helmet is a Vent Switch which opens and closes the 6 vents (3×3) that reside on the upper left and right of the helmet.

There’s even a ram air hood scoop style intake at the front top that doubles as a goggle rest. Strap and Hook at the back of the helmet to secure your goggle strap. The helmet also has a soft bevel that allows your ski goggles to sit naturally and deter them from sliding out of place.

Smart Features

The Snowtide helmet can stream audio so you can jam to some tunes while your turnin and burnin as well as hands-free two-way communication. You can connect your smartphone to the Snowtide via Bluetooth to enable the Push to Talk or PTT functionality. A large easy to find button on the sides of the helmet operate the PTT communication.

The left side holds the large single PTT button, makes it nice and easy to push. The right side has the power button, volume up/down and the charge port.

If you take a spill and sensors detect a hard impact, after 1 minute the Snowtide will automatically send out an S.O.S. if you don’t let it know you’re ok. It can send text or email alerts to predefined contacts along with your GPS location.

Swagtron Snowtide Smart Helmet: Stay Hands Free on the Trails

That’s a Wrap

Swagtron’s Snowtide Smart Ski & Snowboard helmet packs a wealth of functionality inside with 2-way hands-free PTT communication, fit adjustments, ventilation and even an integrated S.O.S. alert system that can send text/email alerts for help along with your location even if you can’t. Fully EN and ASTM certified the Snowtide feels like a well thought out helmet for the trails and an excellent addition to your Ski/Snowboard Gear.

SNOWTIDE Smart Ski and Snowboard Helmet $165.00 on sale now $99.99