The Elite E-Tool is a folding trench shovel that tucks down nicely for convenient carry. The F-19 features a hidden 7″ saw blade and adjustable shovel head for useful multi-tool functionality. It’s compact, lightweight and durable in a powder coat black finish.

SOG F-19 Elite Entrenching tool Review
SOG F-19 Elite E-Tool

The Elite Entrenching Tool pairs up well with SOG’s Camp Axe for those times when you need them. The Elite E-Tool is designed smaller and shorter so it can be used more comfortably on your knees as well as upright on your feet. Great around the campsite for digging holes and dealing with the campfire. Keep it in the truck for when you need a little sand under the tires 4-wheelin, or when you get stuck in the snow.

SOG F-19 Elite Entrenching tool Review
SOG F-19 Elite Entrenching tool with Ballistic Nylon Carry Case


The Elite E-Tool folding shovel measures 26″ fully extended and 10.2″ closed. Weight is 24.80 oz or about 1 1/2 lbs with a 7″ saw blade. More on the blade in a moment. Comes with a nice little ballistic nylon sheath with belt loop that snap buckles closed once you’ve folded the shovel up.

The F-19’s shovel blade is made of 1075 carbon steel, while the rest of the shovel handle is made of Glass-reinforced nylon. The handle is lightweight but sturdy and very comfortable to hold.

Adjustable Shovel Head

The Elite Entrenching tool features an adjustable shovel head. You can choose from folded, what looks to be about 135 degrees, 90 degrees or straight. A groove in the hinge for each angle and the tightening screw securely lock the shovel head into position. Tightening the screw to it max locked position or back to fully open is possible to do with just your fingers.

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SOG F-19 Elite Entrenching tool Review
SOG F-19 Elite Entrenching tool short configuration

Extendable Handle & Wood Saw Blade

Twisting the handle unlocks the handle segment so you can extend it, twisting again once you’ve extended it fully locks it in place. Be sure to grip both mid sections of each handle segment and not the butt end of the handle.

Since the mid section rotates to lock/unlock the telescoping handle and the end cap also rotates to lock/unlock the saw blade, you might find you’re working against yourself loosening one while tightening the other and vice versa. You’ll want to make sure you are gripping the mid sections of each segment when tightening or loosening the telescoping handle.

SOG F-19 Elite Entrenching tool Review
SOG F-19 Elite E-Tool 7″ Wood Saw

Twist the end cap off, you can pull out the end of the handle to expose a 7″ wood saw blade. The saw tooth pattern of the blade is menacing and rivals our home bow saw blade. Cutting through dead or live branches was virtually effortless.

SOG F-19 Elite Entrenching tool Review
F-19 Elite E-Tool 7″ Wood Saw Blade

Very handy to have around without having to carry a full sized saw, even better that it stores inside the handle. You can saw with the shovel head folded in, but we found it to be more comfortable leaving the shovel head extended straight when there’s enough space for it.

SOG F-19 Elite Entrenching tool Review
F-19 Elite E-Tool end cap

If you cannot seem to get the blade out of the handle, flip the end cap upside down and place it over the circle then pry it up, comes right out.

Flip the blade over, slide the end cap over and down the blade shaft and twist it onto the the handle to secure the blade in place. Best to try and align the blade with the shovel head for a little more clearance when cutting.

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If there were a complaint

Understandably the shovel isn’t made to be used standing up, it’s made to ALSO be used standing up. However many of us being right footed, it can be difficult to use your foot to plunge the shovel head into the ground since the locking dial blocks most of the effective area to push on the right side of the shovel head. You either have to stand to the side and push on the left side or flip the shovel upside down and work it that way.

SOG F-19 Elite Entrenching tool Review
Ballistic Nylon Carry bag with Belt loop

Wrap up

SOG’s F-19 Elite Entrenching Tool features sturdy, lightweight shovel and saw functionality in one compact package. Easy to store, easy to operate and effective to use. Multiple locking angles on the shovel head and a fully collapsible design with case makes this one of our favorite SOG tools for camping. Goes right into the bag of tricks.

Elite E-Tool F-19 $82.00








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