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DIY Gear: Wagner Furno 750 Heat Gun Review

As the cost of living continually rises without salaries necessarily keeping up, retro fitting and DIY home repair are great ways to save money and feel the satisfaction of doing something yourself.

In this day and age of instructional video and the information highway, we’re able to take on many tasks that we previously might not have had the confidence or knowledge to complete without paying a professional and the Furno 750 is a powerful and versatile tool to have around your home to help you with an array of tasks.

Wagner Furno 750 Heat Gun Review

Wagner Furno 750 Heat Gun Specs

It’s amazing how useful a heat gun can be around the home and business. No it’s not the same as your mother’s hairdryer! The Wagner Furno 750 is a heavy-duty Heat Gun that features 117 different temperature settings, 6 fan speeds, 4 nozzles all packed into a nice convenient hard carry case. The Furno 750 is equipped with an easy to read LCD screen with push button controls for quick easy use that doesn’t require a lesson to use. Don’t be daunted by 117 temp settings; it just means that there are 117 heat settings that you can adjust in 10 degree increments from 125F to 1300F using the plus and minus buttons near the LCD.

The Furno 750 Heat Gun measures 4.63″ x 11.25″ x 15.063″ and weighs 5.1 lbs and comes with a 6ft cord. There’s virtually no setup involved, just plug the power cored into the butt end of the handle until it clicks. There’s a toggle for the locking action for the power cord but after 15 min of fiddling, we were unable to remove the cord. It would be convenient if the cord could detach for ease of storage in the case but we were unable to remove it.

The heating element is ceramic for long lasting durability and the temperature ranges from 125F to 1300F or 50C to 700C. The current heat temperature is displayed on the LCD and can be adjusted on the fly. The Furno 750 pushes out 5100 BTUs/1500 Watts of power smoothly and consistently. The gun is ergonomically designed and remains easy to hold from the angle and also counter balanced from the cord that stems off the handle. Very comfortable and sure-footed to use.

The Case

The carry case doubles as a stand you can use to temporarily hold your gun or for easy use. Just close the case and seat the Furno 750 butt end into the receptacle area and you’re good to go for some hands free operation, awesome feature. The cord end has a platform area where it can rest against the case handle for added stability. If you need to you can simply add some weight inside the case as you use it for more stability. The case seems fine, the locks that close aren’t hinged and will keep the case closed securely just remember to slide the locks down all the way.

Wagner Furno 750 Heat Gun Review
Wagner Furno 750 Heat Gun stands on it’s own

Furno 750 Stands on it’s own too

It also has feet on the butt end of the Gun so you don’t necessarily need the case and it will stand securely on it’s own. The handle and body of the unit does not get hot in the slightest but it’s highly recommended to purchase a pair of heat resistant work gloves for obvious reasons.

DIY Gear Wagner Furno 750 Heat Gun Review
How to use the Wagner Furno 750

The cord near the butt end of the handle has a loop so you can hang it from a hook or if you have to lay it down for a moment here and there while working, you can. The side bars prevent the hot tip from making contact with the table surface. It is recommended not to leave it laying down and should be in an upright position during the cool down after shutting it off.

DIY Gear Wagner Furno 750 Heat Gun Review
Heating up the Wagner Furno 750

How to use the Furno 750 Heat Gun

Plug the unit in and depress the Power button located on the upper left and wait for the heating element to get to temperature which only takes a minute or two. The fan will immediately spin to maintain proper cooling of the coils. The LCD area will indicate the numeric temperature you set using the Plus and Minus buttons. There’s also a visual power indicator represented in hash marks or blocks. These hash marks will blink as the unit heats up and once fully heated, they will remain solid so you can easily tell when you’re up to operating temp.

Heat up time is quick, moderate temps can be reached in 30 secs up to about 700F. We’re able to heat the gun up to full power in less than a 2 minutes. At full power or close to full power the tip will glow red, take heed as you can severly burn yourself. You can set the fan speed using the Fan button on the upper right for the amount of power you need for your job.

DIY Gear Wagner Furno 750 Heat Gun Review
Cooling down the Furno 750

The gun comes with 5 directional nozzles for precise or specific applications. The included tips are very useful for directing and more efficient distribution of heat. I highly suggest using them as they will make your use more precise for the task. A Concentrator Nozzle, Flare Nozzle, Glass Protector, Scraper tool with 5 various interchangeable blades for various paint stripping tasks.

What do I use it for?

There’s an array of obvious tasks like thawing frozen water pipes, loosening a rusted bolt, shrink wrapping, softening calk or putty. In the short time we’ve had the Furno 750 in our possession we’ve already made quick work of some household tasks that you might run across.

A small drone that must have been crushed in the box for some time as one of the arms were bent in an outward rotating position making the drone veer off violently and was unflyable. Starting at the light end of the heat spectrum we were able to quickly and safely heat the plastic arm up enough to rotate it back straight and now the drone flys as intended without any severe trim adjustments on the drone.

You can easily peel paint, yep that’s right, peel decades of thick layered paint like it was nothing, leaving you a clean surface and saving you hours/days of time prepping. Simply bring it up to the necessary temp depending on how thick the paint layers are.

Being an avid skier, I had to try out waxing up my planks. The Wagner Furno adheres a coat of ski wax quickly and easily. Just be careful keep at a safe distance, keep the heat low and don’t stay on any one spot too long. Though I haven’t got the chance to ski on them yet, the wax job looks and feels awesome. Always do this in a ventilated area.

If you have kids, chances are you have stickers all over your home where they aren’t supposed to be, maybe even on your car. We’re able to neatly and safely remove stickers and more permanent decals from virtually anywhere without damaging the original surface area. Just be conscious to set the proper heat setting as this baby can get extremely hot.

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DIY Gear: Wagner Furno 750 Heat Gun Review
DIY Gear Wagner Furno 750 Heat Gun Review


A lot of thought and consideration for the end user went into the design for the Wagner Furno 750 Heat Gun. Ergonomic design and a wide range of temperature settings make the Furno 750 extremely versatile for so many tasks around the home. An easy to read LCD and button array allow virtually anyone to make good use of it. A secure case doubles as a stand for hands-free operation and even comes with tips and paint knife accessories. You’ll be amazed at how useful the Wagner Furno 750 Heat Gun can be for a DIY home improvement and repair. Comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

Wagner Furno Heat Gun $69.97