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Ottolock Bike & Gear Lock Review: Secure Lightweight Lock you’ll be happy to take on your ride

The Ottolock is an innovative reinvention of the Bike lock. It’s lightweight & compact, easy to use and most importantly strong as an ox. Carrying around a heavy steel U lock or chain lock can ruin your ride. The Ottolock is tuff enough to withstand a full size lock cutter but light and compact enough to fit inside your backpack.

the cardinal rule is, “don’t get off your bike”

You know how quickly a bike can be stolen, it literally only takes a few seconds for someone to snatch your ride. But what if you’re casually riding and need to go to the bathroom, running errands or maybe you’re a bike messenger.

Taking a lock along with you typically means either a thick, heavy metal U lock style, heavy chain or thick cumbersome cable lock that isn’t any fun lugging around. The Ottolock wraps up in a compact and lightweight roll for convenient carry in your backpack. It is NOT recommended to lock up your bike overnight or for extended periods of time with the Ottolock (or any lock).

OttoDesignWorks has provided the Ottolock as a courtesy so that we could provide first hand review coverage of the device to our readers.

Ottolock Bike & Gear Lock Review: Secure, Lightweight, Convenient
Ottolock Bike & Gear Lock


The Ottolock comes in 3 sizes: 18″, 30″ or 60″ available in stealth black, flash green and Otto orange. The lock weighs between 120g, 155g, 325g depending on the length you choose. The band measures 18mm wide and is made up of multi-layered high-tempered Steel and Kevlar and is resistant to even full bolt cutters.

A three number combination lock with aluminum head secures your bike or outdoor gear safely. The multi-layer band is coated with a chip-resistant Cerakote paint and Santoprene plastic that protects the finish on your nice bike and bike helmet or other gear so you won’t have to worry about scratching up your stuff.

Ottolock Bike & Gear Lock Review: Secure, Lightweight, Convenient


The Ottolock isn’t just for mountain or road biking gear, use it to lock up just about anything that has a way to loop through it from coolers to, ladders, storage shed doors and more. Ideally for my ride I would want two. One securing the back wheel to the frame and another for the removed front tire and bike frame to the stand/pole/fence. Or you can opt for the full 60″ and secure both wheels and frame in one loop.

Ottolock Bike & Gear Lock Review: Secure, Lightweight, Convenient

Lock it up

Ottolock is the convenient and secure way to lock up your bike for a few while you go do what you need to do. Available in three lengths to fit your intended application. Incredibly strong and able to resist a typical full size bolt cutter. We highly recommend the Ottolock for its compact size, lightweight carry and strength to deter theft of your bike or outdoor gear.

Ottolock Bike & Gear Lock
18 inch $55.00
30 inch $65.00
60 inch $75.00