The Thousand cycling helmets feature a retro racing style for all around riding. If you’re looking for a bike helmet that doesn’t look like you’re about to enter the Tour de France Thousand’s helmets are a very cool option.

Gear up in Style Thousand Vintage Cycling Helmets
Thousand Heritage Collection Navy

Thousand’s bike helmets add a touch of old school charm to set you apart from the pack while keeping you protected. The single piece molded construction fits great, very comfortable and looks pretty cool too.

Thoughtfully Designed, Obsessively Crafted

Thousand recommends if you measure between sizes, to size down. The fit for us was spot on. Thoughtfully there’s a second set of pads included for fine tuning your fit should you need it, we didn’t.

Gear up in Style Thousand Vintage Cycling Helmets
Thousand Bike Helmet Interior view

Back in a time before helmet laws, it wasn’t the coolest thing to be seen wearing a bike helmet as a kid unless you were BMX racing or hitting the half pipe. As parents even if you still haven’t gotten over that stigma of wearing a helmet in your mind, surely you would want your children to wear a helmet. After all it’s the law.

Gear up in Style Thousand Vintage Cycling Helmets
Thousand Vintage Bike Helmets

Thousand’s retro style biking gear is a cool alternative to the standard bike helmet. Everyday protection for cruising and casual riding. Thousand ¬†keeps you looking cool and perhaps a little less goofy while instilling the attitude in your children that wearing a helmet in fact IS cool.

Gear up in Style Thousand Vintage Cycling Helmets
Thousand Retro Racing Style Bike Helmet

Our Heritage Collection helmet came in Navy with white trim. The color is a rich and deep Navy blue with rubberized matte finish that works well for both men and women. If the more traditional conservative colors of the Heritage collection don’t suit you, check out the¬†Epoch collection‘s Speedway Creme colors for that Speedracer old school racing stripe design or the Premium collection‘s gold cannonball style.

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The Thousand helmets are engineered with the secret PopLock system (patent pending). At the rear corner of the helmet is a hole that is covered with a magnetic cover. Pop the placeholder cover out and run your bike anti-theft lock through it.

Gear up in Style Thousand Vintage Cycling Helmets
PopLock Security

At the top are 3 ventilation slots and on the rear are four smaller slots. Clearly you are not going to get the same type of airflow as a standard fully ventilated biking helmet.

The faux vegan leather strap looks great and feels comfortable. It’s fully adjustable to fine tune your fit and features a super convenient magnetically assisted chin buckle. The magnet is appropriately powerful so strapping it on is super quick and convenient. An interlocking design keeps the clasp closed with confidence. Also available in White and Black.

Gear up in Style Thousand Vintage Cycling Helmets
Thousand Vintage Bike Helmet

Gear Up

Thousand’s retro style biking helmets look and fit great with a vintage flavor that’s great for general cruising and urban riding. The single piece molded construction and leather alternative strap look great and work well but also features a functional PopLock security hole and convenient magnetic chin strap buckle, very comfortable helmet.

Thousand Heritage Collection $85
Premium Collection $95
Epoch Collection $115