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Helly Hansen Mens Rigging Coat Review: Streetable, Modern, Performance Raingear

Helly Hansen’s Rigging Coat is a gorgeous blend of modern style and pro performance. The 3-in-1 raincoat features excellent functionality and modern style that keep you looking good no matter where your travels take you; on the deck of a boat to the urban streets to back country.

Changing conditions can be challenging and we’ve had one of the most variable winter’s in the USA this year from sub zero temps to 60 degrees and up with lots of rain in between. Helly Hansen is made for the ever shifting Norwegian cold/wet conditions; engineered with Helly Tech Protection & Primaloft technology to keep you dry and warm. We are in love with this coat! It’s made with quality, style, functionality and boy does it perform.

Helly Hansen has provided us with the men’s Rigging Coat so that we may bring a first hand experience and review to our readers. Let’s take a closer look.

Helly Hansen Men's Rigging Coat Review
Helly Hansen Rigging Coat: Left Primaloft Insulated Inner Jacket, Right waterproof raincoat

So Very Functional

There’s been no lack of cold rainy days lately and the Rigging Coat is an absolute pleasure to wear. We’ve gone through a few torrential downpours with the Rigging Coat and it performs very well. Now we get excited when it rains! The cut of the coat and fit are very comfortable; Roomy enough to stay agile, tight enough to stay warm. Just like in a sleeping bag, empty space for air will encourage cold.

Between the Primaloft jacket liner and the outer rain coat there’s a plethora of useful pockets for you to choose from. On the exterior is a zippered chest pocket for quick access, easily fits a 6″ phone, and an additional inside zippered chest pocket for more protection.

Helly Hansen Men's Rigging Coat Review
Helly Hansen Rigging Coat: 3-in-1 Insulated raincoat

Zippered exterior hand-pockets are insulated natural to use. Two additional cargo pockets with button flaps are accessible from the exterior for ample and secure storage options. All exterior pockets are insulated.

The insulated inner jacket also features hand pockets and two deep open-top sleeve style  pockets on the interior of each side of the main zipper for secure storage.

The adjustable cuffs offer just two button snaps, one for large, one for small. The hood features a one handed adjustment while the hem has a cinch cord for when things need to be battened down. Various snaps and straps secure the insulated Primaloft jacket to the exterior raincoat; 1x on the hoodie, 1x on each sleeve, 1x on the back of the neck.

The Technology

Helly Hansen Men's Rigging Coat Review
Helly Hansen Rigging Coat Primaloft Insulated Inner Jacket

Primaloft Insulation

Moisture on a cold day will chill you to the bone. Helly’s Rigging Coat comes with a full length quilted design inner jacket that you can wear separately as well. The inner jacket is engineered with Black Insulation Eco from Primaloft that provides lightweight warmth and essential breathability for comfortable wear and protection from the cold. The proprietary fabric is made of 60% recycled material to decrease the impact to the environment and offers superior softness and packs down well for carry.

Helly Hansen Men's Rigging Coat Review
Primaloft Inner Jacket – Helly Hansen Rigging Coat

The Primaloft jacket liner provides good warmth for the cold and wet weather. It can be worn on it’s own or zipped into the raincoat as an insulation layer.

Helly Hansen Men's Rigging Coat Review
Men’s Rigging Coat waterproof exterior and pockets

Helly Tech Protection

The raincoat itself has fully sealed seams and features Helly Tech proprietary construction. Helly Tech Protection is a 2-ply waterproof and breathable membrane that keeps you comfortable in wet, cold and windy weather. A combination of Membrane Laminate and waterproof coating allow the Helly Tech Protection to let the moisture escape while keeping the rain out. Features DWR treatment (Durable Water Repellent) effectively lowering surface tension and prevents moisture from seeping through and beading on the outside where you want it.

Helly Hansen Men's Rigging Coat Review
Helly Hansen Rigging Coat

Style & Fit

The Helly Hansen Rigging Coat offers a 3-in-1 versatility that allows you to be prepared for ever changing conditions. The quilted Primaloft insulated inner coat is very warm and comfortable. Thin enough to keep you agile and feeling unrestricted and provides nice warmth. Runs true to size with enough room for a midlayer or sweater. If you really want to layer up underneath for extreme cold conditions size up.

Helly Hansen Men's Rigging Coat Review
Helly Hansen Rigging Coat with Inner Jacket Removed

The outer raincoat is lined thankfully with quick dry liner and not just a shell. Rubbery material and wet conditions don’t make things very comfy. The quick dry lining is a blessing and works very well for comfort.

The cut on the coat is wonderful. It’s contoured well and runs about 3/4 length or longer with a nice long droptail. The design brings the hem down about middle to lower thigh while the droptail rear falls closer to the back of the knee so you can safely grab some wood on a rainy day without getting your butt all wet.

Helly Hansen Men's Rigging Coat Review
Modern Style, Pro Performance – Helly Hansen Rigging Coat

Classic HH Navy blue with red zipper accents and white logo give that clean distinctive Helly Hansen  style. The look is modern but upscale enough to take to the office without a second thought. Available in classic HH Navy Blue or Black.

The Primaloft insulated inner jacket zips away from the raincoat and can be worn on its own. The quilted design looks great and is lightweight and very warm for its thickness. Simply unzip the insulated coat and re-zip it to the raincoat when necessary. A fabric strap with button on each wrist along with a button snap behind the neck to keep the layers feeling like one coat.

The Rigging Coat looks its best when it’s fully or partially zipped up. The hood will stand on its own for the most part and can be comfortably worn fully open, hood up. The collar is exaggerated for stormy weather so the collar will not always stand up when your coat is unzipped. Fully zipped the Rigging Coat makes you feel secure and protected from the elements.

Helly Hansen Men's Rigging Coat Review
Helly Hansen Rigging Coat

Wrap Up

The men’s Rigging Coat by Helly Hansen combines modern style and streetability with pro performance in a 3-in-1 versatile raincoat. Fully waterproof, it’s perfect for changing and shifting weather conditions from Winter/Spring or Fall/Winter. Modern upscale style and solid performance make the Rigging Coat an excellent choice for those cold, slushy, wet, windy days on the boat, on the street, out in the woods or at the office. Is it possible to be in love with a coat? We are… Highly recommend HH’s Men’s Rigging Coat for it’s modern style and pro performance.

Helly Hansen Men’s Rigging Coat $325.00

The Mens Rigging Coat by Helly Hansen is one of our favorite pieces of raingear. This insulated three-in-one features a Primaloft removable liner, fully seam-sealed and lined DWR treated waterproof exterior raincoat that zip together. Great for seasonal transitions, warm, waterproof, great design.