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Modobag Motorized Rideable Smart Luggage

This is the most fun you’ll ever have with a piece of luggage. The Modobag is a motorized and rideable smart luggage travel accessory that allows you to take a load off your dogs and cruise your way through the airport. The first of its kind, the Modobag is the “Carry-on that carries  you”.

Modobag Motorized Rideable Smart Luggage
Modobag Foot pegs and Wheels

The Modobag Motorized Rideable Smart Luggage features up to 6 miles of travel based on a 180lbs user and a top speed of 8mph. A maximum weight limit of 260 lbs allows almost anyone to use the rideable luggage bag.

Quick 1 hour charging

The Easy Charge feature allows the Modobag to quickly charge up to 100% of battery within only 1 hour of power and the onboard battery will withstand up to 4,000 full charges over its lifetime. It’s even TSA, FAA and ITA compliant for a no hassle airport experience.

Modobag Motorized Rideable Smart Luggage
Dashboard, 5v 3.1A USB ports, Power, Battery level LCD

A padded seat provides you with comfort while a built in dashboard lets you plug in to two 5v 3.1A USB ports provide future proof speedy charging for your smartphone or other portable devices. An LCD gives battery voltage level by icon and percentage indicator for quick and easy battery life information.

Modobag Motorized Rideable Smart Luggage
Modobag Handbars, throttle, brakes

Familiar Easy to Use Controls

The Modobag is engineered with a handle bar with grips, throttle and hand-brake for familiar and easy to drive functionality. There’s even collapsible foot pegs to rest your feet on while riding.

Modobag Motorized Rideable Smart LuggagePower is provided by a Lithium battery. It measures 22L” x 14H” x 9W” and is constructed from high strength DuPont 600 d ballistic nylon around a lightweight aluminum chassis. The Modobag weighs 19lbs without battery; the final weight is TBD after the company tweaks out the final kinks.

ModoBag is available for pre-order and ships January 2017 at $995