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GCI Outdoor Compact Telescoping PICO Arm Chair

Gearing up to tailgate for a sporting event, packing up the car to go camping or just need a seat next to the pool, the PICO Arm Chair from GCU Outdoor is a very comfortable and compact lightweight solution to help you take a load off your dogs in style.

The PICO Arm Chair looks great with its powder-coated anodized aluminum and steel frame, black with blue accents. It can support up to a weight of 250 lbs. The chair folds down via PICO’s patented telescoping system to the size of a laptop messenger bag. Toss it into the carry bag and over your shoulder for extremely convenient carry.

GCI Outdoor Telescoping Compact PICO Arm Chair
PICO Arm Chair packed


The PICO chair measures 20.9 x 21.7 x 33.9 in fully opened and 19.7 x 3.9 x 12.4 in when in the collapsed storage position. The chair weighs 9.7 lbs so it’s not practical to think you’ll be taking this chair on a hike up the trail with you but it’s very easily transportable to watch fireworks or take in the kids soccer games, fishing trips, parking lot at a concert etc.

GCI Outdoor Telescoping Compact PICO Arm Chair
PICO Arm Chair unpacked


The PICO Arm chair is a folding directors chair, just shorter. The chair sits low and measures 16.9″ seat height; that’s the floor to where your buns are.

GCI Outdoor Telescoping Compact PICO Arm Chair
PICO Arm Chair powder coated anodized aluminum and steel legs

The x-frame scissor design provides a surefooted and supportive stance and the mesh fabric keeps it breathable and most importantly very comfortable.

GCI Outdoor Telescoping Compact PICO Arm Chair
PICO Arm Chair extended

Erecting the chair is simple. Grab the top two bars and place your foot on the lower two bars then extend the chair to its full length. Once you’ve fully telescoped the legs out, release the Velcro strap that holds the arms down and rotate the chair arms to their upward position. (shown above fully extended) Then grab the side rails of the chair seat and open the PICO chair, raise the chair back and toss the carry bag over the back.

GCI Outdoor Telescoping Compact PICO Arm Chair
PICO Arm Chair raised

The seating material is made of nylon mesh and polyester fabric which feels very comfortable and thankfully very cool due to the mesh. Our primary concern here is that the mesh fabric seems like it could potentially develop a hole from a snag or stick or general carelessness etc.

GCI Outdoor Telescoping Compact PICO Arm Chair
PICO Arm Chair fully erected

The Carry bag has a little flap on the cover which you can hook over the back of the PICO chair and it acts as a storage area. Very convenient and utilitarian.

GCI Outdoor Telescoping Compact PICO Arm Chair
Combo carry bag and storage back

What could be improved

Each step of opening the chair requires you to fully extend the chair leg segments to their maximum length before moving onto the next step. The problem is that there’s no resistance to keep the legs extended so if you let them go for a second, gravity will tend to allow the legs to recede inside one another enough that if you try and open the chair you could damage it. Closing the chair is a little easier since gravity is working with you but again if you do not ensure that each telescoping segment is fully closed before trying to fold the arms down, the fabric won’t have enough slack and could rip.

As useful as the chair is, it will be in storage more than not so it’s easy to see that one might forget some of the particulars when using the chair next time around. If you’re the outdoorsy type with an affinity for camping and gear, chances are you’ll never have a problem with how to open or close the chair. But this is probably not the chair you want to lend out to your friends.

GCI Outdoor Telescoping Compact PICO Arm ChairWrap Up

GCI Outdoor’s PICO Arm Chair cleverly transforms itself for compact and lightweight carry. The miniature directors style chair is very cool and comfortable. It’s sturdy, packs down beautifully and is lightweight for versatile use virtually anywhere your travels take you. It’s nice to be able to take your throne with you wherever you go. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

PICO Arm Chair $99.99




The PICO Arm Chair is like taking your favorite chair with you camping or events. Telescopes and folds down to a compact size convenient for carry over your shoulder. The miniature directors chair offers comfort like no other camping chair you've ever sat in.