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Galaxy Note9 unveiled: It’s gonna be badass

Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy Note9 today at their annual unpacked event and it’s gonna be badass with it’s largest ever 6.4″ infinity screen. The new Note9 with its trusty SPen will also get more drive time with the larger 4,000 mAh battery so you can peck away to your hearts content throughout the day.

Galaxy Note9 unveiled: It's gonna be badass
Note9 128GB/6GB RAM or 512GB/8GB RAM

Along with the increased battery size this hardware powerhouse comes 128GB of onboard storage and dual tray for microSD card giving you a grand total of 1GB of potential storage (less formatting and bloatware space of course). The 128GB comes with 6GB of RAM. There will also be a 512GB variant that comes with 8GB of RAM.

Galaxy Note9 unveiled: It's gonna be badass
Largest ever Galaxy display 6.4″ infinity screen runs edge-to-edge

The generous 6.4″ infinity screen runs edge-to-edge and virtually bezel-less. The screen spills over the sides and practically flush top and bottom, no openings except for the earpiece in the glass. The display sports 2960×1440 resolution with 516 PPI.

The Dual Aperture rear wide angle 12MP cameras (wide and telephoto) support both F1.5 and F2.4 and aperture modes that allow for better performance in both well-lit and darker scenes. The front camera allows you to use the SPen as a remote so you can snap selfies from up to 30 ft away. Automatic face detection, Live focus, dual Optical Image Stabilization and even manual background blur controls to help enhance your pictures.

Galaxy Note9 unveiled: It's gonna be badassWireless charging, enhanced audio, increased gaming speed, more RAM at 6GB – 8GB, IP68 water and dust resistant and more, this mobile powerhouse has it all.

The Note9 will initially be available in Lavender Purple and Ocean Blue. More to follow…

Galaxy Note9 128GB/6GB RAM $999.99
Galaxy Note9 512GB/8GB RAM $1249.99