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Wi-Charge LIGHTS Transmitter: Look Ma! Wireless Charging at a distance

The Wi-Charge LIGHTS Transmitter lets you power up smartly with no wires. More importantly without risk to your health or interference to WiFi or wireless phones. The Wi-Charge LIGHTS transmitter is approved by the FDA and adheres to the IEC 60825-1 International Safety Standard.

Wi-Charge honored by CES 2018 Innovation Award

Wireless charging isn’t anything new, in fact the technology was first developed circa 1800s by Nikolas Tesla. However there’s a distinct problem with supplying power over distances, the EMF (Electromagnetic)¬†radiation and risk to your health. This is the primary reason why we have wireless charging pads but they don’t work unless you place the phone right on it.

Wi-Charge LIGHTS Transmitter: Look Ma! 15+ feet of wireless charging
Wi-Charge LIGHTS Transmitter

What it does

The LIGHTS transmitter allows you to deliver power to charge up your devices without any cords or direct contact. Best of all the company states that it reaches a distance of 10 – 15 feet without degradation of charge speed and power delivery. It can and has been demonstrated to deliver up to 2.5 watts of power at just over 16 ft.

The transmitter searches for compatible devices and charges them smartly with the appropriate power level and has a Field of View of up to 250 ft.

It projects a wide infrared light, once it finds a receiver it will then focuses the beam directly to that device. The infrared light converts to electricity on the receiving end. Both the Transmitter and Receiver can be embedded into many home fixtures and situations.

The LIGHTS transmitter/Wi-Charge wireless charge technology uses light and converts it back into energy. Since the light passing through is just light, it is not harmful to its surroundings. 100% of the transmitted power reaches the receiver and will not affect people or animals.

The LIGHTS Transmitter in it’s current form can deliver 5W of power to 1-3 clients simultaneously. The physical dimensions measure 330 x 330 x 70 mm. The technology is versatile and can be used in a myriad of manners to recharge devices or even to power to speakers, smartphones, IoT devices like smart doorlocks and more. The potential is limitless and will mature with time to expand it’s reach and power delivery.

Wi-Charge LIGHTS Transmitter: Look Ma! 15+ feet of wireless charging
16 ft of wireless charging from a single transmitter

How it works

The Wi-Charge Transmitter can be placed ideally inside devices that reside on the ceiling like smoke detectors, overhead lighting, wall fixtures for maximum coverage.

The receiving end of the Wi-Charge system comes in the form of iOS and Android smartphone dongles that you can simply attach to your phone’s charge port. The external receiver can also be embedded within phone cases, completely wireless charge pads and more.

Because it IS light and not an RF signal, the technology does require line of sight. If you break the beam the power stops, remove the obstruction and power delivery begins again immediately at full power.

It can support charging many multiple devices at once when combined, and the transmitters can work in tandem to increase signal/power output and blanket cover a particular area.

Wi-Charge LIGHTS Transmitter: Look Ma! 15+ feet of wireless charging
Wi-Charge LIGHTS wireless charging receiver dongle

That’s a Wrap

The LIGHTS Transmitter allows you to provide truly wireless power over larger distances. Since you can easily scale the technology by using multiples in tandem you can effectively increase that range to saturate a room or particular area.

Since the technology uses light there is no threat of interference with your electronics or any adverse effects to your health. The potential to power or recharge devices over larger distances is huge. It will provide the tech industry a versatile/viable wireless power deliver solution  and a step into the future.

Wi-Charge Wireless Power at a Distance