In the fast paced world of today, many products are unfortunately engineered for a short lifespan so they sell repeatedly. The Ezra Arthur handcrafted leather accessories are Made in the USA and “intended to last a lifetime”.

The company is owned by Ezra’s four sons who have created the Ezra Arthur brand in tribute to their father’s name. The company handcraft’s their leather accessories with century-old practices that come from a time that represented integrity and hard work.

EA remains a close knit family business with all the care and attention that comes along with it. Materials are sourced from America and we have to applaud the investment into the USA.

Ezra Arthur No. 1 Belt Handcrafted Leather Accessories
No. 1 Belt with Raw Brass Buckle

“At Ezra Arthur, quality is paramount.”

No. 1 Belt

Ezra Arthur’s No. 1 Belt is gracefully simple and handcrafted with excellence. Using the highest quality premium leathers there is no plastic, rubber, glue or lining which means everything is stitched or riveted for a beautiful solid finish.

Meticulous attention is paid to each product before it receives it’s stamp of approval and goes out the door. If at any point your EA leather gear should break, rip or loosen, Ezra Arthur will repair or replace it at any time.

Each belt is made from English bridle leather and tanned by Hermann Oak of St. Louis, Missouri. Solid brass machined rivets attach the buckle and belt loop to the leather for one of the most finely constructed leather belts available today.

Ezra Arthur No. 1 Belt Handcrafted Leather Accessories
Ezra Arthur No. 1 Belt Nickel Buckel

Made in the USA

Reviving that old school “die for the company” quality, Ezra Arthur incorporates improvements brought on by modern engineering while adhering to it’s roots in century-old crafting practices. EA’s No. 1 Belt crafted with a quality that is made to last a lifetime. Minimal, masculine and handcrafted in the USA.

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Ezra Arthur No. 1 Belt Handcrafted Leather Accessories
No. 1 Belt in Golden Tan, Cognac, Burgundy, Brown, Black

The Ezra Arthur handcrafted No. 1 Belt is available in Golden Tan, Cognac, Burgundy, Brown, Black with Nickel or Raw Brass buckle.

Ezra Arthur No. 1 Belt $100.00