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Gambino Alliance Handmade Luxury Suede Men’s Derby

The Gambino Alliance debuts their beautiful new collection on kickstarter with two classic and timeless designs, the Derby shoes and Chelsea Boots. We’ll be taking a look at the Men’s Suede Derby’s.

Founded by college student Miguel Lozano and the Gambino Alliance footwear team is already funded on Kickstarter but the campaign runs until March 19th and you can get a 30% lifetime discount by getting in as a backer if you get in before then.

“With Gambino Alliance, we’re looking to combine style and class. Our shoe is about empowerment. The power of being made with the strongest, most durable materials that can withstand various weather elements. These shoes were made for leaders, for those who believe in standing apart from the crowd. Those who make their own paths, instead of following the one’s already paved by others.”

Gambino Alliance Handmade Luxury Suede Men's Derby
Gambino Alliance Men’s Handmade Suede Derby in Shadow Blue

Luxury Design & Comfort

The two initial designs will come in a variety of colors. Each pair of luxury footwear from the collection is handcrafted with 100% Italian leather and beautifully constructed. They aren’t too busy and elegant while remaining masculine. The polished modern design of the GA Derby will elevate whatever you’re wearing. They’re also water-repellent out of the box to boot.

Gambino Alliance Handmade Luxury Suede Men's Derby
Handmade Luxury Men’s Derby Shoes

We’re dazzled by the Shadow Blue Derby’s. The elegant suede leather exterior is enchanting, soft and as beautiful to look at as it is to touch. A Temper foam footbed resides underfoot for comfortable daily wear. This Temper Foam technology was originally developed for NASA to provide support during space shuttle take offs. This Temper Foam. Good enough for NASA good enough for me.

You’ll want to downsize a full size as they run large. That said, the fit seemed to be pretty spot on for us, very nicely designed shoes.

The Derby’s come in a nice soft velvety and very regal storage bag, but the suede shoe is like a soft velvety lint magnet and you’ll end up picking off little bits off. Not a big deal since you’re not buying the shoes for the bag but it would be helpful not to have to remove lint each time you remove them from the satchel.

Gambino Alliance Handmade Luxury Suede Men's Derby
Gambino Alliance Men’s Suede Derby, Shadow Blue

Dress to Impress

The debut men’s collection by the Gambino Alliance is beautifully handcrafted with selected Italian leather and are sure to bring you many compliments throughout your day. The GA Derby’s are elegant, upscale and look amazing in Shadow Blue. They pair up exceptionally well with a nice jeans and a dress shirt, toss in a nice vest and you’re golden for the evening. Check them out on Kickstarter to get in on the early discount and to support the cause and get a lifetime 30% discount.

Gambino Alliance Men’s Footwear Collection