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Catalyst iPhone 7 & Apple Watch Series 2 Wet Gear

The IP68 Certified Catalyst Cases for the Apple iPhone 7 & Watch Series 2 are the perfect accessory are the perfect addition to your mobile gear that will allow you to take your iPhone & Apple watch wherever you go and keep it nice and new.

Though nothing is failsafe the Catalyst Cases are tested 100% waterproof. It may be wise not to utilize the case as if it were the be all end all fortress for your phone and instead think of it as added protection, in case.

Catalyst Case for iPhone 7
Catalyst Case for iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Case with Floating Lanyard

The impact-resistant polycarbonate case features a clear back so you can appreciate your phone. I prefer to run the phone naked as it was designed to be used but we all know how bad you feel when you drop your phone and it takes damage.

The Catalyst case for iPhone 7 carries with it the IP-68 and MIL-STD 810G stamp of approvals. Each case is tested and 100% waterproof up to 10 meters and also resistant to drops up to 2 meters. The polycarbonate case features a premium non-slip rubber exterior and an included (regular) lanyard for convenient carry.

Catalyst Case White with regular lanyard
Catalyst Case White with regular lanyard

Not to worry, you can operate your phone with ease with the touch sensitive built-in screen protector without having to sacrifice response time. A patented rotating crown allows you to toggle the mute feature effortlessly. You’ll have complete access to all buttons, sensors, camera lenses, flash and fingerprint scanner as well. A hard coated optical lens protects your camera without impeding light which can affect your precious photos.

It’s fully sealed against dust, dirt and snow yet still very easy to take apart and put together without degrading the quality of the sealed environment.  Catalyst’s signature True Sound Acoustics is optimized for sound transmissions between 50Hz – 20,000Hz so you won’t need to sacrifice sound quality either.

Catalyst Wet Gear for iPhone 7 & Apple Watch Series 2Floating Lanyard

This little convenient accessory makes it possible to be just a little less worried about your iPhone when you’re out on the water. The floating lanyard is just that, it will keep your phone from sinking to the murky bottom of the lake. The lanyard can remain buoyant up to 350g or 0.77 lbs.

Available in black or high visibility orange and features a reflective strap, adjustable wrist, quick access clasp and made of durable Ripstop Nylon.  Probably not a smart idea to take this into the ocean but where water is calm, it can certainly help you out so you can easily swim over to your phone and grab it should you become separated from it.

Catalyst Apple Watch Series 2 Case
Catalyst Apple Watch Series 2 IP-68, MIL-STD 810G Certified Case

Apple Watch Series 2 Case

The Catalyst Case for the Series 2 Apple Watch is available in both 38mm/42mm and in blk or wht. Each case is fully tested to be IP68 and MIL-STD 810G certified to protect your new Series 2 Apple smartwatch from water, dust, dirt and snow intrusion up to 100m or 330ft. The face of the case is exposed for direct touchscreen access. All buttons, crown, inductive charging and heart rate monitor are fully accessible.

The Series 2 case is segmented into 3 parts: Top cover, Silicone waterproofing sealing wrap and bottom or base that has the strap attached to it. First you must remove your existing strap from your Apple smartwatch. Wrap the silicone waterproofing skin around the watch. Next you’ll seat the watch in the bottom receptical, then snap the cover/top on making sure all the edges are sealed. Once that’s done, a screw will need to be tightened to secure it all together.

It is relatively easy to take on and off but the screw makes the process not all that instant. Still, if you’re one of those can’t take my shiny new Apple Series 2 watch off for any reason, the Catalyst Case is a must-have.


Catalyst warranty’s that their cases are 100% tested waterproof as long as you purchase their cases from an authorized dealer, and yes you’ll have to prove it. The warranty provides  1 year of coverage from defects. There’s no phone number on the website anywhere to be found and in the event your device is damaged, Catalyst will not replace your phone or Series 2 Watch. Good thing to keep in mind.

Catalyst iPhone 7 & Apple Watch Series 2 Wet Gear
Catalyst iPhone 7 & Apple Watch Series 2 Wet Gear


Toting around all these new shiny devices is cool, right up to the moment you drop it and damage it. Impact resistant and water resistant cases are a blessing and they’re getting thinner all the time making them that much easier to live with on a daily basis. While nothing is ever 100% failsafe, it’s a great way to extend usability and protect your mobile gear.

Catalyst case for iPhone 7 $79.99
Catalyst Floating Lanyard $24.99
Catalyst case for 38mm/42mm Apple Watch Series 2 $59.99