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Worx WG510 Turbine Fusion Leaf Blower, Mulcher, Vac Review: Make Fall Cleanup Easier

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The Worx WG510 Turbine Fusion is a 3-in-1 combo Electric Leaf Blower, Mulcher & Vacuum that will make your backyard Fall clean up a little less miserable and a little easier on your back.

The Worx WG510 is an absolute dream on dry leaves and makes some very nice fine mulch for your flower beds. Can’t tell you the amount of time it saves raking out the leaves from the flower beds, shrubs & bushes. The difference in effort & time cleaning up leaves from tight spaces can be dramatic.

Worx WG510 Turbine Fusion Leaf Blower, Mulcher, Vac Review
Worx WG510 Turbine Fusion Leaf Blower, Mulcher, Vacuum

Maintenance is the grunt work of home improvement and no one likes cleaning up leaves, especially if you have to bag them. Even if your town allows you to rake the leaves to the curb it can be a cumbersome process to Santa Clause your load out to the front.

Our Fall cleanup consists of about a half acre of land with 4 enormous Maple & Oak trees that drop ridiculous amounts of leaves, sticks and acorns. This usually requires a riding mower with trailer, large pool tarp and some cheapy paracord, lots of time and help loading/unloading the bundles of leaves. Sound familiar? You’ll still need to do that for larger amounts of leaves but the W510 will still save you lots of time during cleanups.

Worx WG510 Turbine Fusion Leaf Blower, Mulcher, Vac Review
Worx WG510 Turbine Fusion, What’s in the Box?


The Worx WG510 Turbine Fusion Leaf Blower, Mulcher, Vac is an electric powered tool. Weighs 9.3 lbs and measures approximately 39″ L x 13″ H x 9″ W (with leaf tube attached). It includes a Shoulder Strap and a Leaf Collection bag that can attach directly to the WG510.

A 2-speed sliding switch controls the turbine speed. As the name suggests there is a strong metal impeller inside that provides a 24:1 mulch ratio. Scroll down and you can see what a 24:1 mulch ratio looks like.

Electric devices last longer when they are not over/under powered or have choppy inconsistent power. To prolong the life of your electric power tools it’s recommended to use an appropriate heavy duty gauge extension cord when possible that meet or exceed the voltage of the power tool you are using.

Worx has provided the WG510 Turbine Fusion Leaf Blower, Mulcher, Vacuum to us so that we could provide first hand review coverage of the performance, usability and build quality along with our experience to our readers.

Worx WG510 Turbine Fusion Leaf Blower, Mulcher, Vac Review
Worx WG510 Turbine Fusion Leaf Blower, Mulcher, Vacuum

How to use

It’s about as easy as it gets and not hard to put together or use. Connect the two pieces of the tube together, attach to main unit. Tie off a extension cord to the handle is best, the clip that is on the attached cord doesn’t seem to work very well.

The easy to reach thumb switch operates the two-speed control. The blower is operational without the leaf bag. A lever that is triggered by the leaf bag cover determines whether the machine runs in blower or reverse for vac/mulch.

You’ll want to keep the WG510 at an angle. Try not to run it vertically and use varying attack approaches whether blowing or vacuuming for optimum results. When you do occasionally need to vacuum with the unit vertically you’ll notice a fair amount of dust. More so than when operating the unit normally.

Worx WG510 Turbine Fusion Leaf Blower, Mulcher, Vac Review
Worx WG510 Turbine Fusion Leaf Blower, Mulcher, Vac Review

There is no forward or reverse switch. To use the Vacuum/Mulching function press the lever at the bottom rear of the unit and open the hatch. Then take the Leaf Collection Bag and place the nose end in first to create the hinge point and raise/close the leaf bag until it clicks and locks in place. Ensure that the plastic nib finds its way into the respective slot.

The leaf hatch is a ventilation cover when the blower is in use. The cover props itself forward but just hangs loose when you attach the leaf bag.

Worx WG510 Turbine Fusion Leaf Blower, Mulcher, Vac Review
Worx WG510 3-in-1 & Husqvuarna 150BT backpack blower

How does it perform?

The Worx WG510 leaf blower function provides a powerful 525 CFM to blow leaves and then some. It rivals our Husqvuarna 150BT gas-powered backpack blower rated at 692 CFM. The WG510 is powerful but the engine torq can give your forearms a workout. The shoulder strap and angle of attack can help take some of the load off.

EDIT: Although on paper the 525 CFM of the Worx WG510 nears the 692 CFM of the Husqvuarna 150BT there’s no comparison. The backpack blower is able to provide much more powerful airflow from the thin blower tube. The Worx WG510 has a wide mouth and much shorter tube due to the Vac and Mulch functionality and therefore is not able to maximize what CFM it does have. As with anything, a product designed for one thing typically does better than a product that offers features for multiple applications.

Since the WG510 is hand-held and fairly powerful, it works pretty well to get down at ground level blowing leaf piles in certain situations. Frequently changing up blowing angles and using the shoulder strap to your advantage can help you deal with larger leaf piles.

Worx WG510 Impeller

As a Leaf Vacuum & Mulcher

Vacuuming up the leaves is such a convenient blessing, but as with any leaf vacuum the leaves must be dry. The vacuum can and will get clogged up periodically. If you have thick piles of leaves, it’ll take some time to get through them.

Work at the machines’ pace and go as fast as it will work efficiently. Even at a reduced pace we still find the convenience overwhelming when compared to bagging or dragging leaves to the curbside.

When you are pulling in bone dry leaves with no branches or other debris the vacuum function is like butter.

The churning and chopping of the leaves into tiny little pieces is like music to my ears.

The leaf bag seems small at first but it can hold quite a bit of leaves in their mulched form. We found that frequently emptying of the bag vs filling it to the top allowed for better airflow and better performance with the Vacuum/Mulching function.

If and when you do run into wet leaves, try and spread them out to dry out a bit. Go work on a different portion of the cleanup project and come back. If you have amassed thick piles of wet leaves, spread them out to dry but do sweeps of the top layer that has dried, agitate the remaining piles and repeat until it’s all gone.

Worx WG510 Turbine Fusion Leaf Blower, Mulcher, Vac Review
Worx WG510 Orange release button for Leaf Tube

You’ll need to get used to twisting the blower tube on/off to clear out debris when the WG510 gets clogged. Depress the lever on the bottom 6 o’clock position where the blower tube attaches and twist the tube.

A safety mechanism will not allow you to turn the unit on if the tube is not attached, this works solid.

Initially we were not able to remove the tube until the impeller spun down 100% either. But at some point this portion of the safety mechanism stopped working. We simply wait for the impeller to fully spin down before detaching the leaf tube.

What not to do

DO NOT PUT YOUR FINGERS INSIDE THE IMPELLER SPINNING OR NOT. Instead use a strong stick or other poker and clear out the impeller blade and cage of what is stuck and shake the debris out. Most of the time it will be wet fine mulch that almost looks like dirt built up.

Do not use the Worx WG510 as a wood chipper. It WILL muscle its way past some smaller branches, acorns and other debris if they manage to get up the tube but do not shove branches down there intentionally.

The Worx WG510 also will not deal with lots of acorns that well. Yes it will chomp up a few of em but if you have tons of acorns, don’t expect this to vacuum them up like legos on your carpet. Again, do not use this as a chipper and try to throw acorns inside, it often times will spit the acorns back at you with some velocity, so don’t look down the tube while it’s running either.

Worx WG510 Turbine Fusion Leaf Blower, Mulcher, Vac Review

Wrap up

The Worx WG510 Turbine Fusion Leaf Blower, Mulcher, Vac features 3-in-1 versatile functionality that will speed up your Fall yard cleanup and make it easier on your back. The WG510 does a good job with light duty leaf cleanup, vacuuming dry leaves and makes fine mulch. It makes cleaning out leaves from flower beds, shrubs, bushes an absolute dream. We recommend the Worx WG510 for its versatile functionality and convenience.

Worx W510G Turbine Fusion Leaf Blower, Mulcher, Vac $74.97


The Worx WG510 is a great little 3-in-1 Leaf Blower, Vacuum & Mulcher that makes it convenient for light duty leaf cleanup. The versatile backyard power tool will make cleaning leaves out of your flower beds and shrubs about as easy as it can get, saving you hours of time during Fall & Spring cleanups.


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