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Tjula Design Modern Slitback Tank

The Slitback Tank from Tjula Design is cute, fun and a perfectly versatile modern look. It’s stylish enough for casual wear but appropriate in an office setting. The white Slitback works well with a number of outfits including skirts, skorts, pants, jeans and more! This versatile top plays well with lots of different styles making it an essential addition to your wardrobe.

Tjula Design Modern Slitback Tank
Slitback Tank Front & Back

It’s a super light relaxed fit that splits down the middle of the back. The loose flattering style features a double-layer construction and the reduced size arm holes that prevent any embarrassing see-through or peek through moments. The double-layering also shows off the interesting double V-Shape neckline nestled in this classic silhouette. Pair it up with the womens Jayde Vegan Sandals for that modern bohemian style for the Spring or Summer.

Tjula Design began with a sewing training program to help Cambodian women improve their quality of life. The program helps elevate their lives by providing a skill set that will help them sustain themselves and their families. A percentage of sales goes to help the Cambodian women. Give a woman food and it will feed her for a day, teach her to sew and she can feed herself and her family for a lifetime.

Sewing Training Program to Benefit Cambodian Women
Sewing Training Program to Benefit Cambodian Women

“TJULA partners with organizations that train women and develop their skills to produce quality products. The women are paid fair wages in an ethical work environment. A portion of profits from each piece we sell are given back to the community where the product is made through non-profit programs that further local community development.”

The Slitback Tank offers a simple and stylish design, breathable for wear during the Summer or Spring but easily allows a sweater or blazer to easily be worn over it.

Tjula Design Slitback Tank $42.99